Thursday, July 5, 2012

Some Days...

Some just need to lay by the air conditioning vent and take a break.

That's Emma's new favorite spot. She used to just lay flat on the vent in the other room, but she kind of likes her den under my "new" thrift store end table.

I wish I could say I'm taking a break in front of the air conditioning vent, but the girls and I are on our way down to North Carolina with my mom. Another few days at my grandmother's house, going through items to donate, etc. 

My Weekend Bloggy Reading link party is scheduled as usual for tomorrow morning (8 am ET), so be sure to swing by with your best post of the week.

Here's the button code for the party if you want to get a head start! Recipes, crafts, home decor, book reviews, funny stories, you name it. Come prepared to showcase your blog and find some great weekend reads.
Weekend Bloggy Reading

How was your 4th of July?


  1. Have a great trip! i have a Pomeranian/Pug mix and her favorite spot is under our bed. It's her little safety zone.

  2. Funny photos. My black lab knows every cool spot in the house and moves from one to the other. Her favorite spot is our tiny bathroom which has a vent in the wall. She lays on the cool tile in front of the vent.

    Unfortunately she likes to lay on the floor vent in the family room but there are only two in that large room and the other is under the couch. Sometimes we move her so we can get some cool air, too!

  3. Safe travels...that a/c looks good to me!

  4. I feel like doing that some hot days, too. Although I wouldn't look nearly as cute.

  5. Enjoy your trip! .... This summer is crazy hot right??? :) Lovely pics!

  6. Such sweet photos!
    I have a cat and believe it or not - he likes the heat(!) and doesn't like the A/C at all.
    Have a great trip!

  7. Too funny! I am loving those new tables! I hope you have a safe trip and a great weekend!


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