Monday, July 30, 2012

DIY Rosette Embellished Girl's Tank Top (Simple Sewing)

You guys know I love my ruffles! I shared a couple of shots of my girls in some cute embellished tank tops not too long ago, and saw some nice comments and emails asking for a tutorial. Natalie and Michaela Byrd love girlie girl outfits, and they flipped when they saw what I made for them. This project does not require a sewing machine, so any beginner can complete this simple sewing project!
DIY Rosette Embellished Girl's Tank Top, Serenity Now blog

Fabric Flowers Tutorial (Simple Sewing), Serenity Now blog

-Inexpensive, Plain Tank Top (ours were from WalMart)
-Ruffled Trim (I bought pre-made cotton trim from Hobby Lobby because I thought it would wash well. They also make trim from grosgrain ribbon)
-Petti Flower (You can make your own, but I used the affordable pre-made option from The Hairbow Company). 
-Coordinating Thread

How to Make Fabric Rosette Flowers, Serenity Now blog

1. Cut a length of trim for the base of your fabric flower. 
The length will depend on how large you want your flower to be. There's no right or wrong. I played with it until it looked long enough to contrast in size to the petti flower. 

2. Curve the trim around to make a circle with the ends slightly overlapping.
It's okay if the trim bunches up in the center where the "donut hole" is. It will be covered up later.

3. Sew the ends together with matching thread.

How to Embellish a Girl's Tank Tank with Fabric Rosettes, Serenity Now blog

4. Lay your base down flat on your work surface so you can see your ruffles.

5. Layer the petti flower over the center of your ruffle base.

6. Using a thread that coordinates with your petti flower, hand sew the fower to the trim part of the ruffle base.

7. Choose a spot on your tank top and hand sew it firmly down.
I considered making the rosettes into detachable pins, but my girls (and a lot of little ones) hate pins because they don't want to get "stuck." These tanks are also super duper thin, and I worried that constant pinning and repinning might wear a large hole in the tank....

Now you have a lovely embellished tank top!
DIY Fabric Rosette (Embellishment), Serenity Now blog

They really looked adorable paired with the sweet pettiskirts that The Hairbow Company sent us. I even hauled the outfits (carefully) down to Myrtle Beach for a fun seaside photo shoot, and the girls got tons of compliments on their "little princess" outfits from early morning beach walkers. 

I love finding fun ways to dress up and embellish plain store-bought pieces...and it's amazing how easy it can be! I'll share the beach shoot photos another day, but here are a few we snapped elsewhere....
Girls' DIY Fashion, Pettiskirts and Rosette Tank Tops, Serenity Now blog
Little Girl Fashion, Serenity Now blog
Little Girl Fashion, Serenity Now blog
Pettiskirts, DIY Fabric Rosettes, Serenity Now blog

Have you done anything crafty lately?

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*The Hairbow Company sent me supplies to review and craft with, but I was not financially compensated for this post. All opinions are my own. 


  1. Those are so cute. My daughter would love it and it really dresses up a plain T. You could even add a pin to the back instead of sewing on the tank so you don't have to throw it in the wash. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Adorable! I like the previous comment about using a pin too.

  3. This craft would be very cute for an adult, too. A flower like you made would look cute on a jacket, purse, or headband.

  4. I like the idea of adding a pin to the back. It would be quicker plus you could switch it up on different outfits. The skirts are too cute and look adorable on your little girls.

  5. very cute! your girls look so much like you - especially the youngest one :)

  6. Ola, há muito tempo acompanho seu bkog, moro aqui no Brasil e gostaria de sua autorização para colocar no meu blog, o violetasrendadas,blogspot,com, a cópia desta sua postagem sobre a flor e junto as fotos de suas meninas, você permite o uso? Vi e é muito lindo tudo. parabéns

  7. My wife just fell in love with this DIY project after I showed it to her. You've definitely scored another fan. Keep up the good work!

  8. Your girlies are super cute and so are their tanks! LOVE them!

  9. Absolutely, positively adorable. Love the embellished tanks! I'm thinking I could do something like that on a plain T-shirt for myself! Have you made any for yourself, or just for the girls?

  10. Oh, my gosh, TOO CUTE, Amanda! Love this--and the pics of your pretty models. :-)

  11. So pretty and feminine, Amanda. Such gorgeous photos, too!

  12. Very cute and adorable tank tops. Love love love.


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