Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Home Goods Shopping Inspiration

One of my dreams recently came true, and our first Home Goods store rolled into town! I stalked that place for a good month before the opening...it almost came to me pressing my face against the glass like a starved street urchin. I lucked out and was able to attend the Sneak Peek event before Grand Opening because a friend of mine received an invite and let me tag along! I thought it would be fun to show you guys some of the fun things I spotted on my shopping trip.

Excuse the iPhone/point and shoot pics...I didn't want to bring my dslr in the store and look suspicious taking photos. Thanks goodness the Home Goods folks tweeted me and gave me the all-clear for future in-store photo opps. (wink)

This is the face of a super excited blogger waiting for the Sneak Peek to start. I wasn't excited at all.

As budget friendly as this place is, I still didn't have much money to spend (cue poor girl violin music here), but that didn't mean I couldn't window shop, right? I could be excited about that.

My first and favorite find was this vintage-inspired ice chest on wheels. The blue might not work with my current deck set-up, but it is so fun!

Speaking of the great outdoors, these seating options for little ones made my heart skip a beat, and I loved the colorful beach towels displayed in kiosks throughout the store.

The fun decorative pillows and artwork called my name like a siren...

Pretty chairs...clean lines with fun upholstery.

This child-size chair in pink and gray chevron print about broke my heart with its preciousness:

Some of the loveliest lamps e-ver!

And a wonderful mix of colorful and classic serving pieces, outdoor accessories, and other odds and ends.

Truly, if decorating is something you enjoy, this is a hot spot. If money were no object, it would be easy to walk through a Home Goods store and redecorate a room...they simply have it all! I can't wait to save up and shop again. Until then, you may just run into me in one of the aisles. 

In full disclosure...this was not a paid or sponsored post! Home Goods had no idea who I was until they saw my frantic, ecstatic Tweets online. I'm happy to be on their radar now because this store is quickly becoming one of my go-to spots for home decor inspiration! Many of us are on budgets these days; times are tough...so when I spot a good bargain and some great ideas, I always aim to share them with you!

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  1. Thanks for the Home Goods tour from someone who's only been there once. I know you are glad to have one in your town. I love the vintage ice chest. It reminds me of old fashioned drink machines from when I was a kid. The lamps made me giddy as I could use a few of those. If I win the lottery, I'm headed ther

  2. I have never been to a HG store, but I think there is one in far south Austin. Might have to check it out. Thanks to your sneak peek!

  3. I love Home Goods!

  4. Home Goods is my top pick for home decorating. The minute I walk into one of their stores my heart starts beating a little bit faster as there is a whole lot of eye candy and colorful inspiration. I love those beach towels you shared a photo of. I may have to make a weekend trip!
    HAVEN tomorrow! I hope to meet you there! Cheers and safe travels to you.

  5. I am so glad I found your blog - lots of fun! I really wish there were a Home Goods store nearby - that vintage cooler is wonderful! I am happy to be your newest follower,

  6. Hi Serenity, so glad we found each other on Twitter. Love the store tour but our favorite photo is the close up of you! So cute and fun. Thanks for all the Twitter and Blog love. Your friends at HomeGoods

  7. I feel your same sadness...we have that ice chest at our local HomeGoods...I long for it also....

  8. Jealous! My Home Goods is a drive and I'm not on their radar. :)

    It is hard to walk away empty handed . . .


  9. Very cool stuff! :) Thanks for sharing your findings at Home Goods! :)

  10. LOVE LOVE this store! I have one not too far from where I live "strategically"located next to Lowe's so whenever the hubby has to stop there we make a quick stop to HG too!

  11. I just found your blog today and I absolutely love it! Awesome tips for the kids. I also live in Virginia (Richmond) and we're driving to Disney next month. Thanks for the travel tips!

  12. I love Homegoods! I had one super close to me (like less than 5 min away) when we were living in a small town, but now that I'm in freaking Minneapolis where they have everything, I can't find a convenient Homegoods. Your post makes me want to brave a long drive with three kids though, because that store is the greatest!!

  13. We just got our first home goods about a month ago too and it is deadly.. especially since it is next door to TARGET.. I have to restrain myself.

  14. Congrats on getting a Home Goods ... it's one of my favorite stores and I got excited just looking at your photos!

  15. I'm lucky enough to have a Home Goods right down the street. Sometimes 'mommy-time' is spent there :)

    I love that ice chest!

  16. I love Home Goods! The best part is they always are stocking new stuff on the shelves. Make friends with someone that works there and ask which days the deliveries come in!

  17. I LOVE HomeGoods. It is so fabulous. I love that rolling cart - how fun would that be this summer??? So fun!!

    Love you girl. You looked so cute in the picture!


  18. What amazing finds! Can you believe I haven't been there yet?! I'm hardly ever near rt. 3 anymore. I have half a mind to go now though, I'm loving the lamps!

  19. Oh this is my favorite store Amanda. Thanks for sharing your little outting. This is my go-to store for everything in my home. Such great deals, even better then Target most of the time. ;)
    Now I need to go to HomeGoods so I can shop. I need like 10 homes for all the decor that I would love to buy, but I leave behind each time I go there. Have a great day! :)

  20. There isn't a Home Goods near me. Darn! I do have a TJ Maxx and Marshalls though. I love the kiddie outdoor furniture. My granddaughter would love that. :)

  21. One of your photos in this post has been on my blog for the last 2 posts! I was obsessed with that dining chair- and I'm proud to say, I found them today!!! I'll be sharing photos tomorrow ;) thanks girlie!!! Oh and HG and I go waaaaaay back. It's an addiction. Ha!!!!!! So glad you had fun and thanks for inspiring this interior design freak :) xoxo shel from a'la mode


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