Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Few Firsts

The girls are off at Vacation Bible School this week, so I'm working on some projects around the house, including finishing that makeover work on the vintage metal patio set. I hope you'll indulge me with a few family related photos today. Although Spring was drawing to a close over the last few weeks, we had several "firsts" in our family....

First Ballet Recital

Michaela Byrd danced in her first ballet recital mid-May. The girls in the youngest classes (Creative Movement) have their recitals in the studio because the teacher feels like they perform better in a less "stressful" environment...and I have to agree. They were precious, and each girl got to perform a short solo!

First Kindergarten Graduation

We attended our first kindergarten graduation, for my Natalie...and I managed to keep from crying! She also got to carry the American Flag, which is a real honor at this school to be chosen.

First Time on Stage

And, to her great delight, Natalie had the opportunity to dance on a real stage this year with her ballet class. She was really nervous about it, but (to my delight) when the lights came on, she was one of the only girls in her class to smile and look at the audience while she danced. A star is born?

With "business" behind us, it's time for fun: VBS, a trip to the beach, library mornings, and yes...the pool!

What fun things are you enjoying now that Summer is here?


  1. Thanks for sharing pictures of your precious girls. Their dance costumes are so pretty and they look like little dolls with their hair up.

    I've been enjoying the beach and will come home on Friday. I love summer!

  2. I think it's brilliant that they keep the youngest in the studio for the recital. I'm sure it makes it more enjoyable for everyone. They both look adorable. Yay for firsts!

  3. Oh my goodness, I can't believe how big the girls are getting. They look so grown up & the recital tutus are to die for! One of the little girls from Michaela's class (Moriah) is one of my preschoolers that I teach from church! Her mom (my friend Sonya) was posting pics of her recital & I saw Michaela in the pic too! :-) They're both so precious, you must be one proud mama :-)

  4. What great photos, Amanda! Natalie and Michaela Byrd are both such beautiful girls--and these pictures give a glimpse of the beauty that's INSIDE them. You can see joy bubbling up from within. Their sweet smiles and their trusting eyes show that there's so much good in their hearts. Bravo to you for taking your job of mothering these little ones so seriously. You obviously have lots of fun and do plenty of things for yourself, yet you know that your first priority right now is the well-being of these precious ones. I love it when you share stories about the girls--the good AND the challenging, because it's all part of a life well-lived. :)

  5. You have two such precious girls, Amanda! We had our first ballet recital a few weeks ago, and Charlotte LOVED being on stage!

  6. They are so cute! How awesome to celebrates the firsts! I wish my kids were still little, no maybe not ;)

    I'm so glad I got to meet you!

  7. Your girlies are just too cute in their ballet costumes! I bet you were so proud of both of them for doing such a great job! Enjoy your week while the kiddos are away:)

  8. Your little girls are so cute! I agree, a recital not on stage would be so much better for the younger ones. We plan to make a short trip to the beach this Summer and visit the grandparents a time or two. Nothing major but it will still be fun.

  9. I saw your comment on The Nester's post and I had to come encourage you! I, too, had this guilt about posting family-focused updates on the blog and I've recently decided MY blog is about MY life. The moment I feel like I HAVE to do what you love is the moment it becomes work. Your daughters are adorable!!!

  10. Oh so sweet!
    We've been enjoying our Snoopy sno-cone maker, sprinkler and little blow up pool. With the way my boys go on and on about our pool (to everyone!) I'm sure people think we have a gorgeous in ground, not a $15 Target special ;)

  11. Awww so cute!
    Love lillte girls in their ballet finery.

    My daughter Ashley( who is 26) is a dancer also-with a degree in dance and choreography!

    She started the same way; ballet and jazz and tap then junior company and etc. She lives in San Diego now as she attempts to do what she loves and make a living at it as well...

  12. I loved when my little girl did dance for a year. Now she is all about Karate. It's fun to watch her but I miss the cuteness of dance. I'm learning so much from your blog, so Thank You.
    This summer I'm looking forward to spending time at the beach and pool with my daughter.

  13. Beautiful firsts! Great pictures!

  14. Your girls are precious, Amanda! Thanks for sharing.

    -Erin @ DIY On the Cheap

  15. They are darling. I love Michaela's costume. Did you make it. A lovely color for brunettes. And Natalie looks so with it. What fun for all of you.

  16. Thank you so much for giving your girls flowers after their recitals! My parents would never bring me flowers and I danced from three until college!

  17. I haven't been here in a while - sorry about that! But, it was nice to see what you are up to these days and I love, love, love the ballet pictures. Hope you are well!

  18. How cute your little ballerinas are!!! :) Have a fun weekend!!!

  19. Aww, what cute pics. Your girls are beautiful!! Michaela Byrd's dress is soo gorgeous I'd hang that up in their room. Natalie looked very at home up on the stage. Watch out! lol

    I'm lucky there was no kindergarten graduation. As you read in my other comment, I was bad enough with the tears. How did you not cry? I would have cried at the dance recitals too. lol =)

    ~ Catie


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