Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My Home Goals for 2012

"Most men appear never to have considered what a house is, and are actually thought needlessly poor all their lives because they think they must have 
such a house as their neighbors have." 
-Henry David Thoreau

The Thoreau quote has been at the front of my mind as I plan Goals for My Home for 2012. I shared my (Mostly Realistic) Personal Goals for 2012 last week, so I thought why not open up to the good old world wide web and share the goals I hope to reach for my home this year. My home goals from last year didn't fair too well, but I've felt an extra surge of motivation in the last couple of weeks. 

1. Love my house-
This is an ongoing goal for me, and this is where the Thoreau quote from the top of this post comes in. I'm tired of constantly comparing my home to those of my friends. Even friends I've made through blogging. It makes me cranky. 

This year is about being grateful for the home we live in, thankful that we don't live above our means, and remembering how blessed we are compared to so many others. No, I don't have a basement, garage, or my own sound-proof craft room...but I have a roof over my head and many nice things to be thankful for.

2. Update Family room-

I don't hate this room. I'm just ready to make some changes after a very long time of living with the same look. A few purchases have been made and some plans are in the works. Nothing pricey or extravagant...just some simple updates to make the space reflect my personality a little more, since I spend the most time in there.

3. Organize!
There's a reason I've been really obsessed with organizing lately. My house needs it! I have Decorating/Project ADD. I get distracted and sometimes get to the point where I realize I have all sorts of clutter going on and then I struggle with how to get it all under control.

Part is this process is what my friend Sarah from Thrifty Decor Chick calls "decrapification." I've been going through stuff to donate, and it feels good to get rid of things! I feel less twitchy when there is less *stuff* to look at...imagine that.

4. Work on the girls' room-

I started last winter with styling their bunkbeds, but then pretty much allowed the girls to turn their room into a disaster zone. I'm currently working on organizing their toys, and hoping to "fluff" the room some as I go. It's pretty much a blank slate right now. I'm excited to share one simple organizing solution I came up with soon.

5. Clean!
Find a housekeeping schedule and make it work! I have some awesome printables from a cool etsy shop...but they don't work if I don't print 'em out! {wink} My plan for this weekend is to put a household notebook together and combine that with some of my personal goals (meal planning, couponing) for 2012.

I'd love to say that I'll get my dining room and kitchen painted, new light fixtures, and make over my bedroom...but I'm taking baby steps this year! Maybe if I can accomplish these things, I can add a few more to the To Do List.

What are some of your goals for your home this year?

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  1. Those are great goals for this year, and I share most of them with you. It is hard to remember to be thankful for the house we have instead of longing for the one we want! I can't wait to see how you do!

  2. Your household notebook idea sounds very similar to FlyLady, who has really helped me get organized in the past. I'm due to update my routines so thanks for the reminder of cute printables!

  3. I'm completely distracted right now...you have a banjo on the wall...I'm not alone!

    Seriously though, I've let my home go to pot since I've had kids. Sure it's clean but I haven't updated my decor in ages and it's just so blah to me now. So, this year my main home goal is to assess what needs to be done and work out a plan to make it happen. I see lots of paint in my 2012!

  4. I am working on getting better organized and I also want to come up with some kind of cleaning schedule. I mean, I clean my house but I think if I stuck to some sort of schedule it might help (and save me from frantically cleaning at warp speed before someone shows up).

    As for decorating, I'd love to finally get to work on my master bedroom and bathroom this year. It always takes a backseat to all the other rooms and I hope to be able to change that this year.


  5. Organizing and decluttering are big on my list this year! We just went through all of our old baby stuff and donated a lot of it {I did keep a little bit just in case though}. Now I need to work on my craft space which is a major disaster right now! I need to get a good cleaning schedule down too because I have been slacking big time on cleaning lately! Good luck with all your goals for this year Amanda:)

  6. Having this plan will be really helpful. I need to make that first step. Now can you tell me where I can find more hours in the day? :)

  7. Great quote! I love that first goal especially! It's so easy to look at what we don't have rather than focusing and being thankful for all that we do have!

  8. I haven't actually made a list of house goals...my ADD when it comes to my house makes me crazy...so a list would probably help! :) I love your list, and loving what you have. Because yes, life could be worse! you could be that crazy girl bawling her eyes out on the bachelor, then having to face your friends and family when you get back home! :)

  9. Love that quote! If we spend too much time worrying about how our home compares to others (have been guilty of this in the past) then we miss out on the things that truly are important. And yes, someone is always going to have it better, nicer, bigger...that's life! Great goals Amanda. Easily attainable. I can see your family room and the girls room transformed with just a few simple things, so it's doable! I spent a lot of time going through things last year...it was hard...all the time and money wasted on things we didn't really need, like, want, etc. Reality check! I have always been organized and neat, but we just had too much STUFF! It was worth spending the time getting it done because we now have the time for what is important without being tied down to our house.

  10. Amanda!
    I think I could have written this same post, only the pictures would look a tad different, LOL!
    And, sigh, my home goals are exactly the same as last year's goals. Since last year, we now have a little visitor from South Korea, and our plans got a tad delayed.
    She goes home in June, and we plan to list our home for sale, then.
    In the meantime, I will watch you love and organize your home :)
    Happy New Year, sugar!
    Love, me

  11. Can I just steal ALL of your goals? (With proper credit given?) Because these are just me. Although I'd have to put cleaning first, because I've been terrible about keeping the new house clean. I blame it on baby W but it's really just me. I need to get on track with cleaning and organizing. And I think loving our home is something we can all get behind! Best of luck with your goals!

  12. I like your goals! They seem challenging but actually doable. As I've already told you, I just hate New Year's goals that seem to be designed simply to set me up for failure. I've spent plenty of my life feeling incapable and/or inadequate--which is ironic, because I'm a fairly capable person. So much depends on how we think of ourselves, doesn't it? I like the idea of making goals that I could actually attain. I've never really done that formally before, but I think maybe it would be good for me!

    P.S. Do you mind if I ask how you created the cute little button-like graphics you included in this post and yesterday's? Did you do those yourself?

  13. Well, can I just jump in excitement over your goal of organizing? Yay!! Really, those are good goals - especially about not comparing to other homes. Your home is a reflection of you whether or not it's "fancy" and it takes time to do it. We see stuff on blogs, TV, or elsewhere where people re-do their entire house before moving in??? That, to me, is sort of dumb because you've really never LIVED in it to know how it will flow and what colors will look nice in there, etc. Anyway, all that babble to say your house will continuously grow as your taste for design changes and matures :) Great goals...that's all!

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun

  14. Definitely a great list of goals! Love that loving your house is number one! I really think there's WAY too much comparison happening in blog land!
    I want to paint my walls!! They are mostly the same as when we moved in... nail holes, chips, everything! Time to update!

  15. Finishing several things I have already started!! My bedroom, painting the common areas of our house, my little girl's new big girl room, and going thru baby clothes to sell or give away. I tend to start big things, get distracted, or have company, or a Holiday or summer sneaks in...and things get tabled!!

    I've thought about giving myself and hubby some doable goals as far as time limits...so that we have a goal for finishing:)


  16. Loving your home is a goal we all need to have. It is easy to get house envy when friends live in McMansions and with so many gorgeous blogs out there featuring fabulous homes.

    I look forward to seeing how you update your family room and to seeing the new organization system you came up with for the girls' room.

    Like Richella, I love the graphics you put in this post and into yesterday's post. They look great. Picnik??

  17. We are planning to get an awning over our front porch.

  18. So glad to find your blog...It's lovely. You have some great goals. Can't wait to see what you do along the way.

  19. These are great goals, and I feel like I share pretty much every one of them. Especially the "decrapification"--oh, how I feel the need for some after Christmas and all the junk/precious presents it brings :). I laughed at your decorating ADD--I totally posted about that very thing a few months ago. I need to follow the wise examples of so many other bloggers and be a little more methodical so the progress feels a little more obvious.

  20. Thank you so much for visiting my 2012 goals post and for your lovely comment! Best of luck with yours this year I will be following (and cheering!) along :) xo Kirsty

  21. Sticking to a housekeeping schedule is definately something I stuggle with, good luck! (Thanks for the comment)

  22. I hear you on the organizing. I think organizing is number one on my list. I have a tough time sticking to a housekeeping schedule, too. If you hit on a cure, you'll need to share it.

  23. I'm with everyone else-great goals! Organizing and cleaning are such a great, cheap ways to freshen up your home and make you feel productive.

  24. I can relate to your goals - organization and cleaning are my priority (but do they ever really go away?). Thanks for stopping by via Nesting Place, it's so nice to meet new people!

    Calli@Strawberry Roan Designs

  25. I, too, am working on loving my house. And myself! Great goals.

  26. I'm slowly starting to get a household notebook together, and it is helping -- when I use it.

  27. Great goals! I think if we all concentrated on #1 we would be so much happier! Thanks for the inspiration.


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