Thursday, January 6, 2011

2011 Goals...For My House

I almost didn't write this post. By nature, I tend to shy away from challenges for fear of failure. And shame. And then eating too many brownies.

But The Nester is hosting a link-up for bloggers, asking them to share their goals for their homes in 2011. It struck me when she ended her invitation with a reminder to "be realistic but challenge yourself."

Ooooo...that could be problematic. It would be so super easy for me to list these as my goals: Vacuum once a month, wash the dishes, and lock the front door when I leave. Check, check, aaaand check.

That was easy.

...Except for the part where The Nester asked me to challenge myself. Several blog posts I came across this week shared about being fearless and stepping outside of your comfort zone. I took that as God's teeny tiny hint that maybe it's time to stop worrying about messing up and start trying new things.

So here's what I came up with:

1. Learn to L-O-V-E my house. 
Quit wishing for a basement, a garage, a sound-proof craft room, and start looking for little things to appreciate.

2. Update:

  • Take more time to learn what exactly my style is. What do I love?
  • Paint--it's supposed to be the easiest (and one of the least expensive) ways to change a room's look. The kitchen and the dining room both need to be painted...I'm leaning towards a light gray. 
  • Kitchen hardware--we need to say buh-bye to the brass on the cabinets. That is all.
  • Thrifty replacements--start scouring Salvation Army for a new coffee table and end tables for the family room. Explain to T that just because furniture is "solid" and real wood and "perfectly good," doesn't mean we should keep it if it makes my eyes bleed. 
3. Organize

  • Girls' Room--we moved them into the same bedroom in September, but the closets have been in limbo ever since. They need an organizational overhaul. I'm hoping a Saturday drive to IKEA can remedy that.
  • Donate--continue the naptime toy bin raids and go through my own closet for clothes that I have been delusional about ever fitting into again.
4. Enjoy!
  • What fun is a house if you don't take the time to savor a cafĂ© mocha on the deck while the kids play in the backyard? Stay HOME more often and enjoy the blessings God has gifted us with.
I could go on for ages with the projects I'd love to complete this year, but I'm attempting to be realistic. 

I hope you'll be here to see how we do with these goals!

{Do you have any changes you'd like to implement at home in 2011?}

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  1. I have goals/projects for my house that I wrote down in my notebook. But I love how you addressed to learn to Love your house. In the past couple years I have learned to love my house and really there is no other place I would rather live.

  2. I have enjoyed your blog so much and want you to know that you are not alone. I think we're all a little afraid of failure and you are definitely moving in the direction of being fearless! I sometimes remind myself of the old saying, "Bloom where you're planted". This new year is a chance to step back and take a look at our loved ones and the well-loved space we live in. Nothing wrong with making improvements, but loving who we are is so important. Love your honesty, your writing and your outlook. Instead of "Happy New Year", I'm wishing you a Happy Right Now!!

  3. I think this sounds really great, Trix! I want to paint our whole {frat} house but mostly Row's room and the dining room. I also want to organize the bonus room which is currently used like a storage shed or POD haha

  4. Wow, Amanda! I know exactly what you mean. I've never been a good goal-setter, for I've always been afraid of failure. (If you look up "insecure" in the dictionary, you might find a photo of me there. Gah!)

    But you've done it--you've set some goals for your house! That's great! I like the way your goals are in fact challenging while still realistic. Good for you!

  5. Hi Amanda,

    I love your goal of LOVING your house...that is so important! I'm on an organizing kick right now, I love organizing after the holidays.

    I'll be back, I'm getting back to my blog reading and comments!

    Finding Fabulous

  6. Sounds like some doable goals! I too am guilty of not being grateful for my home. Well I am and I’m not. Grateful to have a roof over my head BUT often find myself complaining about the lack of natural light and windows. I’m such a photography snob I tell ya!
    Oh how are you liking your new camera?

    Kendra aka “Domestic Princess in Training”

  7. I was totally going to do a "goals" post today without even knowing about Nester's party, but then the dumbputer wasn't working last night and I had to get the kids to school this morning, and I have a girls' lunch date in a couple hours. Maybe I'll try to dash one off before I leave.
    Can I come to IKEA with you?

  8. I need to make a list like this too. Mine would be more of a honey do list though:) I love idea of a soft gray. I'm trying to talk my mom into redoing her guest room with gray walls and red furniture!

  9. You'll have a great year - you have a great perspective!

  10. Learning to appreciate what you've got is a great thing {but hard to do at times!}. Good luck with all your goals this year!

  11. Thanks for the comment! :)
    I LOVE the last "to do" item! Stay HOME more and enjoy God's blessings!! I think everyone should add that to their list...I know I am!

  12. That's a great list! I have been getting the same impression about needing to step out of the box a little. I'm a big ole scaredy cat. AND, I totally need to learn to love my home and quit wishing for a bigger and better one. I do still think I need a sound proof room though. :)

  13. Great list...and I love how yours involves a trip to IKEA just like mine. :) Thanks for visiting my blog!

    Mandy @ This Girl's Life

  14. I am totally cracking up about your goal to rid your closets of clothes you'll never fit into again - I did that last weekend and it was very freeing. Big old pile went to Goodwill an now I have less guilt about the chocolate cookie I am eating now.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Can't wait to see your progress!

  15. Thank you for stopping by our little blog :) I hope you will come back by again. I know I had two girls I would be bankrupt! I am enjoying it while I can still "control" what she wears, right? Its nice to "meet" another blogger in Virginia too!

  16. I love this!
    I also need to learn to love my house...and change the things that I can change that I don;t love...admit that I was wrong in some design choices!

  17. hi! Thanks for your sweet comment on my home goals! I love your blog and can't wait to go back and read some past posts when I have time.
    Your goal list is great!! No. 1 is my favorite! After moving in the house we are in now I'm learning to do that! It's a process...
    I updated my kitchen cabinet hardware and oh what a difference it made! I also love thrifting for things to use in our home...its so much more fun that way!
    nice to meet you and I wish you many blessings in this new year!

  18. I'll be here! For real I will! I can't wait to watch you on the journey!

    I would like to do all of the above thanks! Getting Cowgirl moved downstairs will be the biggest undertaking, but I'm hoping it's not the only think I accomplish this year!

  19. thank you so much for your sweet comment! And you're right- I should be happy to have kitchen cabinets at ALL. I guess I've finally had it with them since we just hit the 2 years-in-our-home mark and they're still with us. Our plan was for them to be long-gone by now, but we've added two little girls to our family since moving- which I can see you can relate to!! Speaking of little girls...the cake in the last post looks awesome and I totally want that career girl Barbie.

  20. This is a great list! The story about your guy keeping furniture because it's a good, solid piece made me laugh. I think we've all heard that from our men. :) Your very first goal about loving your house is a great one. One we should all embrace!

  21. Hey, Amanda!!! What a GREAT post! Thank you so much for coming to visit my goals list so that I could find your blog:) Thanks for not running away at the pic of my are right, Ikea is a perfect place to start for organizing. Good luck loving your home more:)

  22. I too am striving to be fearless when it comes to painting and enjoying my home. People have told me that my spiritual gift is hospitality but my worry that my home isnt as perfect as others keeps me from sharing this gift. I guess I should add to the list have people over more often :)

  23. Cute blog! Painting does make such a big difference in a room but it is WORK! I need to learn to be happy just staying at home and enjoying my house too!

  24. This is a great list, Amanda. Especially the one about loving your house. I am just trying to be thankful that I even have a place to live. :)

  25. Oh, I forgot to ask...can you paint the tables you already have in your family room?

  26. great goals! I know what you mean about trying not to focus on the negative of your home (most of our homes aren't perfect!) and learning to love and appreciate what we have =)

  27. Amanda, why is it so hard to LOVE our homes? I have the same problem...always want what I don't and can't have.

    Great post:)

  28. Definitely think you are right on track with learning to love your home. We must remember to be thankful for and embrace what we have, even if it's not our dream...after all, we live in reality!

  29. Loving your house and taking time to enjoy it are goals that we should all have. I am so guilty of wanting to "go-go" and "do-do" that I rarely stop to enjoy what I have accomplished.

    I hope that you and T will have time to tackle painting a room or two this year. I know you've been wanting to do that for a long time.

  30. Awesome goals. I also need to work on being thankful for the home we have.

  31. Your goals definitely sound doable!! Mine are to paint the master bath and master bedroom. This is a big task because room is crowded and the wall are painted chocolate brown. Yikes!!
    Then to do some landscaping out front. Whew!!
    Here's hoping!

  32. I think loving our houses is the first thing that is always a little bit harder for us. I think you have great goals and I hope 2011 brings you a love of your home!!


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