Wednesday, January 18, 2012

IKEA Decorating Inspiration (Our Shopping Fun)

You should know by now that IKEA is one of my favorite places on earth to browse and find ideas for my home. Last week, I shared Home Organizing Ideas from a recent IKEA shopping trip. Today, I wanted to show you a bunch more fabulous IKEA decor and design ideas.

I can't think of many things more fun than heading up to IKEA with one of my best people, my friend Christy. We like to pretend that we are Swedish models, Ilsa and Olga; picking out things for our fabulous New York City apartments. We had most of our kids in tow this time, which sort of spoils the fantasy of being young single models, but thanks to the "Smaland" (kids area), we had a bit of free time to roam and take inspiration pics.

I featured most of the pictures in the organizing ideas post, but I have some new ones today. As with the last post, these shots were taken with a point and shoot, so the quality is not uber fantastic, but you get the picture...literally.

Living Areas:

Kitchens and Dining Spaces:

I loooooved the shade on this dining room pendant. Great for a more casual eating area:

How may I serve you? (Our kids love pretending in the showrooms)


Some people got tired at this point and needed a rest....

Odds and ends:

Then we shoved three kids in a cart and headed into the market mecca of pretty things. Maybe not all of them were happy about it.

But how can you not be happy when digging through bins of beautiful pillows and fun sheet sets that look my Nannie's vintage stuff?

And then it was time to wait in line with our fabulous finds. Some of us were maybe more excited than others....

What did I score?

Among other things, this awesome tea cup and mug tray that I plan on using not as a tea cup tray. But using it will require T to help me in a small remodeling venture that he has conveniently forgotten about.

Do you have an IKEA nearby? What's your favorite area of the store to browse?

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  1. Ooooh I love ikea, haven't been in a while but I've been saving up to get the Hemnes sofa table with baskets. I have the perfect long wall in my living room where it can go & I plan on doing a family gallery wall about it when I'm done. :-)

  2. I love Ikea for inspiration and organizational ideas. My husband is taking me for my birthday this year... I am already saving up for the big day.

  3. We have an Ikea about an hour away but I really need to get there soon! It looks like they have some great new pieces!

  4. So are you Ilsa or Olga? :)

    The closest IKEA for me is about 2 hours away. I need to get myself over there--it really is an amazing one-stop shopping spot!

  5. I have so much fun in Ikea too! If only we had one less than 2 hours away. sigh...

  6. Unfortunately we don't have one in Nevada :(
    They opened one two months after we left Italy near the city we lived...of course!!

  7. our closest ikea is 2 hrs away and i am officially jealous that you got to go!! i've only been once but since your 2 posts, i want to go back and i've been looking at some stuff online.

  8. All your great Ikea posts make me sad that the closest Ikea is more than 6 hours away! I think I need a trip to Atlanta soon:) I love that round coffee table towards the end. I bought the boys bedding for the Airstream at Ikea and we got those exact same pennant curtains for the windows in their room:)

  9. Love, love, love Ikea! And, love the meatballs...gets my sweet hubby to shop with me! LOL

  10. Love our trips to Ikea! Bet they wouldn't be in love with me if they knew my son was testing the durability of their furniture while you were taking pictures! Haha! ;-p

  11. I love the tray you picked up! So curious what you're going to use it for!

  12. I love Ikea, just hate the drive to Atlanta. I wish they'd put one in Savannah!

  13. I've enjoyed your Ikea posts and would love to go back again. I visited with a friend last Sat. whose house is full of Ikea and it's so cute and so organized.


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