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Your Holiday Style Guide for 2011

Fun Fashion post today!! Am I the only one who frets when it comes to holiday fashion? Occasionally, I spend so much time getting the kids to look nice that when it's my turn to dress, I end up just tossing on whatever's in my closet out of sheer frustration. I knew I wanted to include a Fashion post in my ongoing Season of Serenity (Now) at Home series. I also knew I needed to call in an expert to help with this topic...Please help me welcome Michaela from Michaela Noelle Designs. She has a beautiful Holiday Style Guide for us: something to appeal to women of all shapes and sizes!

So many women worry about what to wear at various holiday events, but shopping should be fun--not stress-inducing.

Take it away, Michaela!
Hello there, Serenity Now readers! I'm Michaela and blog over at Michaela Noelle Designs. I'm an interior design major and love houses, color, art, pattern, and well designed spaces. I also adore fashion, hair, and all things glam, which is why I'm here today!  The lovely Amanda has asked me to put together a style guide for your Holiday Season. Let's begin...

One of the first things you do for the Holidays is pick out your tree with the fam. At this time, most of the country is pretty chilly, so here's an idea of what to wear on your outing:

A cute striped shirt, fur vest {think faux fur, girls!}, dark wash jeans and boots that keep your feet warm!

Next up, some ideas for the Christmas party you're attending!

Have fun dressing up this season with a little black dress, festive green chiffon, or some metallic! A fit that flatters everyone is an empire waisted dress, or a cut that hits you at your smallest part-- your waist! Don't be afraid to show it off (:  Accessories and great shoes always vamp up any look.

Don't know what to put on after you wake up, open stockings with the kids, and spend the morning in your PJ's? Here are some ideas:

Arrive at the family's house in a cozy poncho or tunic. A dark wash of straight legged jeans flatters everyone! Metallic shoes and a festive green scarf put the finishing touch on the look.

Feeling a little retro chic? Go for the polka dot dress and simple black flats. A pair of tights under the dress would be great, too!

For the girly girl inside everyone: a textured lace skirt with blush pink top and sparkly ballet flats. Add a touch of green in accessories, and your all Christmas Day ready!

Here are a few general tips:
*Blush pink and mint green are the new red and green of the season.
*Mix metallics. Silver and gold look great together!
*Dark wash jeans are great for fancier occasions and are also universally more flattering.
*Defining the smallest part of your body will make you look {and feel!} like a million bucks.
*Accessorize with scarves, hats, layers, and fun jewelry.
*Take advantage of all the good food around the Holidays...even if it means you have to undo the top button on your jeans! (;

Most of all, enjoy time with your families and try not to stress! After all, this is the season for giving.  But no one said we can't look good while doin' it!

Thanks for having me, Amanda! I just loved taking over Serenity Now for the day. Come visit me any time, readers (:

I want to pull that green dress right off the page, and those silver "Christmas Day" flats are to die for! Thank you, thank you, Michaela, for the reminder that being busy during the holidays is no excuse to walk around like I got dressed in the dark. In a cardboard box.

I have a dinner to go to with T tomorrow night, and this post gave me some ideas! You might not be the size you wish you were (welcome to my world), but there are so many silhouettes in this style guide that can be implemented for different sizes. Look at colors, patterns, or textures. Have fun finding your perfect holiday look!

If you haven't visited Michaela Noelle Designs, you must! Michaela shares all sorts of lovely design and fashion oriented posts. Eye candy of the best kind. Please be sure to tell her I sent you!

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  1. Thank you for having me, Amanda! So fun to put these collages together!

  2. That polka dot dress is adorable! I have been wanting to add something with polka dots to my closet:) I need a new pair of dark wash jeans too...the ones I have are so old they don't look dark wash any more!

  3. @Kelli- if you want to keep your jeans nice and dark just throw in a cup of vinegar the first time you wash them (inside out always!) It will help them hold the color for longer (:

  4. I love the Christmas day outfits! I'm new to your blog : )

  5. These are some great tips. I especially love the poncho sweater and silver flats--it's a look I could do. Thanks, Amanda! I hope you are having a great holiday season!

  6. Okay. This is funny. You visited me, told me you were stopping by from Michaela's. I told you how great she is and I come here and find her featured. On your blog. Today. Apparently, very much a DUH moment. ;) Had to laugh. Always a small world.

    Aside from the awkwardness (haha), what a terrific post (both of you ladies!) I always put the kids before me. Hardly ever even shop for myself any more (no fair!), but that doesn't mean I don't love to dress up! Beautiful eye candy here. I will have sweet dreams tonight. Yes...DREAMS. :(


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