Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Vintage Silhouette Ornament Tutorial

Hello, readers! Today's Season of Serenity (Now) at Home post is from Beckie, who blogs at Infarrantly Creative. Beckie's going to show you how to make a Vintage Silhouette Ornament. These would make a lovely addition to your family tree or as a Christmas gift!

Here's Beckie!

Today I want to show you how to make a Vintage Silhouette Ornament…


I had made a Chalkboard Silhouette Pillow for my son’s room and I still had the digital file. I used the program that came with my Silhouette machine to design the silhouette. Then I shrunk it to fit inside my 3” embroidery hoop and added “Isaac 2010” in the Pharmacy font from dafont.com.

I cut out my file onto heat transfer material in a mirrored image.

Then I ironed it onto some cotton linen fabric using some scrap fabric as a press cloth.IMG_1593

I removed the plastic backing and had a perfectly cut silhouette of my son.

Then I hooped it into the embroidery hoop and cut the excess fabric on the backside.IMG_1595IMG_1596

You can either cut out some felt to cover the edge or be lazy like I was and just put fray check on the ends. Then cut a length of ribbon and hot glue the ends one over the other while it is threaded through the top space between the hoop and the pin.IMG_1598

Take another length of ribbon and make a bow out of it and then hot glue it onto the top… IMG_1599

...and you are done. It is a cute little reminder of those darling features on a 4 year old boy.

I love handmade ornaments to pull out year after year and reminiscing about older days. So fun!

Thank you, Beckie, for sharing this beautiful Christmas project with us. If you don't read Infarrantly Creative, you must stop by and check the blog out. Beckie has so many wonderful craft ideas, and she has been a true source of inspiration and encouragement to me as a blogger. Please give her a visit and let her know I sent you!

Back later today with a yummy Flatbread Pizza Recipe!


  1. I love this idea! Sure to become an heirloom piece. Hoping to catch up on your series later this week. We are preparing for our daughter's grad party (she is graduating today), and it's been crazy. But, I so look forward to your posts everyday and seriously need any advice I can get to keep my sanity right now!

  2. That is adorable! I have been wanting to do silhouettes of my boys for years. I love the idea of putting them on ornaments!

  3. Cute! You're so clever, Amanda! These would make such great gifts for grandparents. Thanks for sharing. Happy Holidays,

  4. Adorable! Beckie is so creative and so very talented. And she's a lovely, generous woman--an unbeatable blogging combination. This is a wonderful example of her cool work!

  5. This is ADORABLE. I'm so embarrassed to admit that my Silhouette machine is still in the box. Shameful! I really need to get it out and try something like this. I also love the use of the embroidery hoops for this. I made some ornaments from embroidery hoops a few years back and loved them, too!

  6. In the past I was never a big fan of silhoettes, probably because I hated mine as a kid (lol), but I LOVE this idea! My kids are growing too fast and this is a precious way to capture their image! What a wonderful keepsake to hang on the tree, year after year. Great tutorial Amanda! ~ KIM


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