Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Adding Flair to Your Christmas Gift Wrap

Only a few days left until Christmas! I know a lot of busy ladies out there are furiously attempting to wrap gifts before/after work, in between kids' naps or school schedules. I love, love, love the look of beautifully coordinated Christmas Gift Wrapping. I invited Michelle from Ten June over to chat about how to make your gifts really stand out against the sparkle of your tree. As my Season of Serenity (Now) at Home series is winding down, I know you'll enjoy another day of tips and tricks designed to bring some extra Serenity to your home this Christmas!

Take it away, Michelle!

Hello hello! I'm Michelle from Ten June, Amanda's blog friend and co-contributor over at Centsational Girl. I'm pretty jazzed to be chatting up all things holiday today... after all, it is the most wonderful time of the year! Baked goods galore, mistletoe, Santa, candy canes, sparkling lights, presents, hot chocolate, family gatherings, the food at family gatherings... can you tell I like to eat my way through the holidays? : )

What I don't like to do through the holidays is stress.

It's a fabulous time of year and the last thing that any of us needs to be doing is worrying and stressing! We need to save that time for eating chocolate candy shaped like Santa and his reindeers, riiiiight?

One way that I de-stress before the holiday season is to organize my gift giving. I always seem to run crazy with the forgotten, last minute gift... whether it's for the neighbor, a co-worker, a hostess gift or even that one time I forgot a gift for little cousin Suzy (shhh, don't tell her I said that!). To avoid the forgotten gift, I stock up on fun favors- wine, snack spreads or any other little trinkets that you find and can share as a small gift.

But the magic lies in the wrapping, right?

So my big secret? I keep a few fail-proof but fancy gift wrapping methods on hand to dress up those last minute gifts. The gifts look cute, I'm not stressed and everybody is happy!

Here are three of my favorite gift wrap tips to stay stress-free for the holidays!

Don't think that you have to wrap everything in your standard gift box. Think outside of the box (pun intended!) and use easy gift packages like these adorable little felt pails or these fun windowpane boxes. I found the windowpane boxes  at Hobby Lobby last year and they've become my favorite boxes to wrap up the homemade chocolate peppermint cookies that I make every year!

What if you don't even have time to wrap up your plain jane white gift box? Keep a stash of premade gift toppings ready to tape on top of a box so you can hit the road without even wrapping!

These little felt pinecone pieces are adorable and really easy to make. Simply cut felt into circles, thread with the wired pinecone decor (found at Hobby Lobby) and voila! Your gift went from frumpy to fabulous.

When in doubt, add some jingle jangle and a little sparkle. I've never met a grinch who doesn't smile when they hear jingle bells ring. They add an element of magic to any package!

So there you have it... a few gift-wrapping words of wisdom. I hope all of you have a stress-free and fabulous holiday season. Thanks so much for having me, Amanda!

So, great minds think alike because I picked up that same gorgeous green wrapping paper at Hobby Lobby back in the Fall. Isn't the glittery Santa hat adorable?

Thank you so much, Michelle, for showing us how to wrap in style! Love the little pinecones, don't you?

If you aren't reading Ten June, please stop by today! Michelle has a great sense of style...her blog is filled with some pretty fab room makeovers. Tell her I sent you!


  1. These gifts are so pretty on the outside that I just might have trouble unwrapping them to see what's on the inside.

  2. Very cute ideas! I really like the jingle bell idea.

  3. What good ideas! I love gaily wrapped packages, but at Christmas need gift-wrapping ideas to be simple and completely doable. These fill the bill!

    You've run a great series this December, Amanda. I was really proud to be part of it. Hope it's given you a breath of fresh air and been a blessing to your readers.

  4. Those are all great ideas! I love the jingle bells...and I know my boys would love to get a present that jingles:) We're working on wrapping presents today so I may have to give a few of these ideas a try!


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