Monday, November 21, 2011

Who Needs a Landscaping Service...?

...when you have a girl with a leaf blower?

Note: No child labor laws were broken in the writing of this post. T thought that it would be funny to let her test it out. She had the leaf blower strapped on for less than a minute before she lost interest and decided that playing on the swingset would be a more productive use of her time. I guess T is stuck with the yard work for now....


  1. Even if it was just a short time, that is awfully dangerous! They do make a child's toy leaf blower so your little ones can feel like they are helping out without risking injury.

  2. Hey, anonymous - get a life. She's clearly fine and near her parents. Now if she were cutting down a tree with a chainsaw on a stick...

    Anyhoo, I think it's adorable. And I was really hoping that you could send her over to our house next. We have a LOAD of leaves that need raked/blown. Bummer. I'd rather play on the swings, too.

  3. I wish people would just leave a comment as themselves (see? it's not that hard! I'm doing it!), rather than leaving anonymous comments, particularly when it is directed at someone who does not need unsolicited parenting advice. What you don't see is her father just out of range of the camera. Sheesh.

  4. Can we hire her out? I have leaves covering the backyard. She can buy some barbies with the money :)

  5. Agreed parents had all four of us blowing leaving, clipping bushes, mowing the grass from a young age! Yes, supervision/caution is necessary...but kids these days are so pampered and babied!

  6. She looks like she's having fun, for a minute :)

    And--I am technically not supposed to make my students clean up after the messes that they intentionally made because the process might be hazardous to them. I say...too bad.

  7. Like you and T would ever do anything dangerous when your kids are involved...

    I hope that T got those leaves under control this weekend. You sure do have a lot of them! I'm about over raking and hope I'm done for the year.

  8. My boys would love to use one of those...actually my hubby would love to use one too! But since we don't really have any leaves that need to be blown, we don't have a leaf blower:) BTW, my boys have that same leaf blower that anonymous mentioned...and it only held my boys attention for about two days:)

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