Monday, November 14, 2011

Black Friday Shopping Wish List

It's that time of year again. I've seen the commercials and the print ads; the air is thick with anticipation. Oh, yes. Black Friday will soon be here! Christmas is my ultimate-favorite holiday, but I do love hitting the shops on the day after Thanksgiving.

I'm not one of those girls who stays out all night and all the next day, punching people in the face and running over folks with my shopping cart to get that Cabbage Patch Kid deal for $9.97. But I do enjoy spending the day out, picking up a bargain or two, treating myself to a Peppermint Mocha, and just generally enjoying the happy holiday shopping atmosphere.

I know Black Friday shopping isn't for everyone. But it's kind of in my blood. I am like a fourth generation shopaholic, so it's sort of my destiny and all that jazz. I don't really go out with any specific "I must have this!" items on my list, but it is nice to have a general idea of a few things I might like to bring home with me.

Here are a few things I'm looking for this year:

1. Chenille Throw from Target, $20
2. Immersion Blender from Target, $14.00 (I realize this is excessively boring, but it could come in handy)
3. New Slippers. I like these from Old Navy:

4. New Scarf. I need something cute to wear on my annual NYC Girls' Trip next month.

5. Nude Pumps. I actually really dig this style from Payless!

6. Christmas gifts for family on my list that I am too wise to publish here. My sister is probably reading this. (Alison, you are getting some socks from Goodwill. Just fyi.) Hehehe

Are you new to Black Friday shopping? I wrote a post last year about Surviving Black Friday Shopping with some fun tips.

Do you have anything special on your Black Friday Shopping Wish List?

This Target commercial from last year pretty much sums up how I feel about Black Friday (click over to the blog if you're in a reader or viewing this in email):


  1. I have a secret dream of participating in the Black Friday madness, but with a little baby it always seems impossible. Maybe I'll recruit someone to help this year.

    I have convinced myself that an immersion blender would change my life, surely that must be true.

    Nude heels are my favorite! I'm not really wearing heels all that often, but my one year old likes to make me put them on while I'm doing fun things like vaccuuming or cooking dinner, two events that I honestly never envisioned myself doing while wearing them when I purchased them last year.

    Good luck with your shopping Amanda!

  2. Not one thing boring about the immersion blender (esp because it's red!). I had one for about 15 years and loved it...then it died. I miss it!
    Ok, the Crazy Target Lady is a HOOT! The only tv we EVER watch is football so I've completely missed these ads. I've been sitting here watching all of them and cracking up. If I was more crazy about shopping, I could be her! I AM that crazy about Target, though--and it's less than a mile from here. I think the employees think I'm their "mystery shopper" because I'm there SO often!

  3. I love Black Friday! I usually don't end up buying much, but just the rush of shopping at all hours of the night and getting a great deal is so much fun! I got a throw like that from Target a few years ago and I love worth staying up all night to get:)

  4. I never shop on Black Friday...I'm afraid I'd lose my mind and go crazy on the entire store. That said, I absolutely LOVE that scarf! I definitely need that.

  5. I love that Target lady! I too have Black Friday in my blood - and I'm already making my plan for this year. Like you, there's never anything really big that I'm dying for - I don't go for TV's and other hot items. This year I'm hoping to pick up an iPad case that Walmart has on sale for $15, and a few other odds and ends. For me it's not really about the "stuff" so much as the rush. ;)

  6. ,mmmmmm..... I think I need that immersion blender. ;)

    I haven't begun to think about what I "need" on Black Friday, but I better get thinking. We'll be in Tennessee this year so I usually get up at the break of dawn and go on my own until everyone else wakes up.

  7. I always get dvds on sale. I refuse to buy during the year because I am like "That will only be four bucks on black friday!"

  8. Those are some nice wishes! :) You know... I've NEVER went out shopping on a Black Friday. I guess I'm sort of scared of being the one getting punched in the face! That and I'm usually at my parents house over Thanksgiving where the closest 'store' is like two hours away. SO... BUT I really enjoyed Cyber Monday last year! I crossed a whole bunch of gifts off my list and saved with free shipping and the sales!

  9. I so admire you for your Black Friday prowess. I am, in a word, a wimp. I never go in a store on Black Friday. I ought to take some inspiration from you and at least do a LITTLE shopping. I've heard that online retailers have some great deals, too, and I could do that in my jammies! Maybe this year. . . .

  10. Mam and I will definitely be out on Black Friday but not at any big stores. It wouldn't be right if we didn't shop together the day after Thanksgiving.

    An immersion blender has been on my list for a while. $15 is a good price but I'm not fighting a Target crowd to get it!

  11. That immersion blender is cute! Much more attractive than my old Braun one, but it's still working like a champ... so not replacing it yet.

    What I'm looking for is a really nice heavy-bottomed sauce pan.. but haven't seen any in any of the BF ads so far. Crossing my fingers! Maybe Amazon will have one during their Black Friday "week"!

  12. Ooooh, thanks for the tip on the immersion blender. I have wanted one of these. I will have to tell DH that could be a stocking stuffer. LOL

    I also love those nude heels. I've wanted to get some too.

    I won't be venturing out on Black Friday. I am going to sit by the computer and enjoy the online deals this year. Have fun shopping! Hope you'll post a post shopping update. LOL

  13. Looks like I will be heading to Target for a couple of those chenille throws! Thanks!

    Your Thanksgiving table is very pretty...we are having my parents over this year and will be home for the first time.


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