Tuesday, November 8, 2011

IKEA Shopping Inspiration

It's been awhile since I had the pleasure of a girls' shopping trip to IKEA...you all know I love to blog about our IKEA fun. Today I'll share some pictures of the rooms and products we liked the most. It's so much more fun to see the showrooms, as opposed to the flat photo layouts in the catalogs. I hope you like lots of decorating inspiration photos!

My friend Christy and I were fortunate enough to have an entire morning of IKEA shopping all to ourselves last Saturday. Sometimes I like to pretend that we are Ilsa and Olga, two Swedish supermodels who are decorating their fabulous New York City apartments. But usually reality sets in because one of us has kids along, and they tend to spoil the daydreaming with the whining and the dragging of the feet and the potty breaks. No kids this time, so we came home with all kinds of ideas and maybe a few things loaded into the Swagger Wagon trunk.

I hope you find some inspiration today too....

I'm focusing on Thanksgiving these days, but IKEA had some areas decorated for Christmas. It was fun to get ideas on little ways to fluff your home for the holidays:

(Loved this Christmasy dining room, but couldn't get that lady to leave!)

We spotted some fantastic dining and kitchen spaces. Many of the kitchen shots are going on my Pinterest Page for future reference.

So many fab storage pieces and organization ideas! An organizer's dream come true:

Beautiful Bedroom Spaces:

We swooned over these lovely kid spots:

(I love to marvel at these rooms until I remember that all my kids' stuff isn't in them. Then I have to remember that one of the reasons I love IKEA's rooms is because there are not Barbie shoes scattered all over the floor. Although that would make it feel more homey.)

Cozy living spaces for the family:

And don't forget all the fun in housewares!

To my wishlist, I added this coffee table...a much more modern looking solution to what I currently have in my home:

What did I bring home?

Some very exciting Swedish "tupperware"

A Snoig, which is Swedish for "super cute green desk lamp" that matches the girls' bunk bed lights.

A rug to go in front of my kitchen sink, for just $3.99!

And a Christmas gift for my niece: a stuffed dog with outfits, accessories, and a food bowl. Love!

IKEA really is a great spot to go on a girls' day out...so much fun for the imagination!

Are you an IKEA freak too? Which was your favorite space?

I am excited to announce that I'm guest posting in Beckie's Pennywise Presents series over at Infarrantly Creative today. If you'd like to see an inexpensive homemade Christmas gift idea, my DIY Decorative Chalkboard Tin, please stop by and check it out!


  1. I loooovve that place...you captured some very nice photos!! Thanks for the trip to IKEA this morning!!!

  2. What great inspiration. Our Ikea is an hour a way so I dont get over there very often. But when I do- I make sure my trunk is empty so I have room for all my loot!

  3. You are making me so sad that the closest Ikea is 6 hours away! I love shopping there...but yeah every time I've gone the kiddos have been with me and it's not quite as fun! The pull out kitchen pantry is awesome!

  4. Love the photos! I had the same reaction when I went with my friend Kerry (and four of our kids!) - so much better to see everything up close and personal. I wanted to buy rooms full of stuff! We were there for hours, lingering in the kitchens, etc... had to restrain myself because our carts were already full. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Love Ikea! Fortunate to have one 30 minutes away. I enjoyed seeing how the rooms were set up at the store near you, a bit different then ours. Our painters are finishing our basement today, so I will be making a trip to the store soon for some storage solutions!!

  6. Hi Amanda,

    There is no such thing as too many Ikea pics. Thanks to you I feel like I was just there!

    Especially love the white dishes with the silver snowflakes on them and those entertainment centers with the shelves above the TV. Hope to get one some day.

    Glad you enjoyed your visit!

  7. Oh, fun. I've never been to IKEA with a girlfriend--that would be awesome! So much inspiration, so much affordable stuff!! Glad you had a good time. :)

  8. LOVE Ikea!! I would love to go with just a friend and no kids. Our Ikea is on the other side of the city, which is quite the drive, so unfortunately I get there maybe once or twice a year. : ( You got some great, inexpensive things. I never spend very much there either. Although, I sure love to!!

    ~ Catie

  9. I'm so in love with Ikea!! I think I might have to make a visit soon.

  10. Oh I'm an Ikea freak too!!! :) Thanks for sharing pictures. I have to go to mine soon. I love walking around and dreaming of things I would love in my house but can't fit into it. haha!!! I always want to redo my kitchen every time I go to Ikea. Oh the possiblities! Have a great day! :)

  11. Great finds! You really controlled yourself!!!! I'm really loving that first white kitchen. But I may be partial. ;)

  12. Fun pictures! Ikea definitely is good for inspiration. My one visit there made we want to be a young woman with an apartment to furnish (with an unlimited budget).

    I read about your upcoming Christmas series over at IC. I'm looking forward to it!

  13. Oh my gosh! I could walk through Ikea all day long. I love their presentation it makes me giddy. Yes, I understand this is a marketing tactic for them and let me tell you... I have to try with all of my might to not give in and buy carts full when I go! I'm glad you got to enjoy some time there without the kiddos!

  14. I love Ikea and think I am very blessed to live in ATLANTA and have one to shop at. Your story crackes me up and the fact that the lady would not get out of the room for you just makes me giggle. Thanks for stopping by my blog today, so nice to meet you and I am glad I found your blog.

    Cha Cha

  15. Thanks for the "virtual" IKEA tour! Love the storage options, clean simple lines and muted colors!

  16. SO fun!! I love Ikea. Especially those little houses with the square footage on the outside. It's so fun to see how they make such a small space liveable! I haven't been to our Ikea since they got the Holiday stuff in, it looks so festive! Thanks for the tour my friend!


  17. What a great post Amanda! We have an IKEA somewhat near us but it is definetly a day trip...2 hours b/c of traffic :( I LOVE the photo's of the rooms! I have been thinking about getting a small slipcover sofa from them for the playroom but just need to get there & check it out! So much cheaper than PBarn! You have inspired me to PLAN a trip!!! :) Thank you!

  18. Oh what fun!! And some fabulous ideas for sure!!
    Thanks for all the pics

  19. God grief, you know I love IKEA. My favorite spaces above are...all of them? :)
    I love the kitchen with the farmhouse sink and the first living room photo.
    BTW, my bedroom looks almost identical to the one you posted with the white bed (I have all that furniture) and my living room bears a remarkable resemblance to the one pictured with the white entertainments center (I have that exact one in that same configuration) and black L shaped sofa (2 below the pink girl room).

  20. Enjoyed all your shopping pics! I love Ikea, but we don't have one anywhere near us in Missouri. :-( We used to go in Adelaide, Australia when we visited my husband's parents. (We lived in Australia for 7 years.)
    I've never seen Ikea at Christmas time-even better. :-)

  21. We LOVE Ikea! They opened one where I lived in Arizona just months after I moved from there...of course! I already have my list going for our trip to NoVA in December...woohoo!! Can't wait to see it in all of its Christmas decor glory!!

  22. I've never been to Ikea. I am seriously missing out!!


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