Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Trim the Tree: Ornament Party!

"Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful." -Norman Vincent Peale
If you couldn't tell from the button above, I am joining the fabulous Kate at Centsational Girl for an ornament party today.

I had grand, ambitious plans of creating several ornaments to share with you all today, but then I ended up throwing an Ariel-Under-the-Sea birthday party for a certain little girl who just turned 4. I spent my weekend scraping confetti off of my kitchen floor instead of threading ribbon to glass balls.

As luck would have it, a few of the ornaments on our main tree are homemade. The rest I just like, so you'll have to look at those anyway if you want to read to the bottom to get to the link to the GIVEAWAY I'm hosting this week. So there.

My dad actually made these first three ornaments, and they are very special to me. He passed away when I was 16, so it's nice to have something to remember him by at Christmas. My mom's tree is filled with lovely things he made.

Our big (real, baby!) tree sits in our living room and is a true mish mash of ornaments. To some of you, it probably looks like my oldest's preschool class decorated it.

I'm okay with that. I'm not an interior designer. I adore trees with color themes or ornament themes, and I even have a few of those, but our "family" tree is eclectic because it's trimmed with ornaments that reflect all of our experiences.

These ornaments belong to my girls and are a reminder of the current stage of life I am in: mommy.

Some ornaments are reminders of vacations we've taken. I picked up this seashell star when T and I were visiting Paradise Island in the Bahamas. About 9 months later, Natalie arrived.

I bought this shopping bag ornament on one of my annual Girls Trips to NYC. Only 4 days until the next trip!

Some ornaments hang on our tree and are reminders of our own childhoods.

And some of my favorites were made by Natalie last year in her first year of preschool. They might not be worthy of a front row seat on many people's trees, but they are so special to me because Natalie is proud of them.

And also, she did not take them back after giving them to me, which some preschoolers are wont to do.

There is only one ornament on our tree that I hate. I loathe it more than anything I can think of besides exercise. I keep it on the tree because it is T's Christmas joy to hang it. If you check back in soon, I will share this hideous thing with you and let you have a laugh at my expense.

Until then, here's a parting shot of our tree at night.
If you missed my 1 Year Blogiversary/Christmas Giveaway from yesterday, please scroll down or visit here to sign up. Open until Thursday night! I'll announce the winner on Friday morning.

Happy tree trimming!

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  1. I think that's the way a Christmas tree should look with all kinds of ornaments that are chockful of memories. We do not have our tree up yet (I KNOW, GASP!!) but we have tons of special ornaments like those! It's lovely. I was just over at Living with Lindsay's and she had some darling little shaped crayons she made....great idea for babycakes friends, perhaps?? check it out.


  2. Thanks for sharing your pictures! I look forward to seeing T's favorite. :)

    Our tree, too, is eclectic because every ornament has a story. I love it that way!

  3. I love sentimental ornaments. I've got quite a few of my own. Where in New York did you get that cute shopping bag? I am going to visit NY with my sisters next year and I've got to get me that ornament!

  4. i love my looking at homemade ornaments. CUTE! thanks for sharing.


  5. I can't wait to read the story of your Christmas nightmare

  6. omg, that NY bag ornament, cutest thing I've ever seen. Seriously.

  7. The pearl and sequined balls are beautiful.

    I hope that you will come by and see the ornaments I made: pearl encrusted star, crystal and button ball and an anthro inspired tree topper.

  8. I am loving those handmade vintage inspired ornaments ! How fabulous are you ? You got your tree up and threw and Ariel party ? You are too amazing ....

    Thanks for linking friend!

  9. BTW, the MckLinky Blog Hop for today is about favorite ornaments, if you wanted to link into that.

  10. I love your tree! That's what or tree is like, full of ornaments from our different walks of life, I have a glittered (tree) gumball ornament I made when I was in kindergarten & still love it. :-)

  11. I love your tree, Amanda - and the story it tells!

    I can't wait to see the hated ornament! Can't Wait!

    How have you been...I'm anxious to catch up! Hope you're week is wonderful!

  12. Now that I'm a parent, I've come to appreciate a "mish-mash" tree, they're so full of memories. It looks great! I'm looking forward to the rest of the story! ~Lisa

  13. I'm sure it is so fun to get those out every year - what memories.

  14. Your trees are so neat and truly tell a story with all the different ornaments -Happy Holidays!

  15. I love all of your ornaments! Beautiful! And I always grew up with a tree that was full of many different ornaments and I think they give it character!

  16. I made an ornament out of one of my kids baby teeth and they hate it! They asked me if I was going to save their brother's apendix an make an ornament out of it.

  17. I love your ornaments! Our tree is like yours, a mish mash. While I would love a gorgeous blue, white & silver tree, it woudlnt be the same.

  18. Our tree is exactly the same way...a mish mash of ornaments that are special to our family, and I love looking at them every year. Theme trees are nice, but there is something so homey about a tree that is full of memories.....nothin' else like it! :-)

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