Friday, December 11, 2009

Deck the Halls...Or At Least the Living Room

Welcome! As much as I'd love to do a big Open House this year and invite all of our friends and have it catered and hire a Santa Claus and buy a fabulous new outfit (with new shoes!), it's just not in the budget.

Not wanting to be a Debbie Downer, I've decided to settle happily for our dual-family Christmas Eve dessert/appetizer buffet and a few fabulous bloggy Home Tours. I'm linking to Julia at Hooked on Houses, who always hosts a fun party. I'm also linking to Sarah and The Nester.

So grab a virtual Peppermint Mocha, some iced Christmas cookies, and a few sausage balls (my specialty), and take a little stroll through the T house.

Like lots of other bloggers, I don't think there are any new decorations this year, save a few items I picked up at The Dollar Tree.

FRONT DOOR wreath:

Our stairs are directly in front of the front door. It's like, "Hey! Welcome to our home! Here are our stairs!" I used some cheap Dollar Tree garland to wrap around the banister and "fluffed" it with some plaid (love the plaid!) ribbon from Michaels.

Nothing fancy in the FAMILY ROOM. I love my mini bird tree, but I think next year, finances permitting, I'd like to try a new theme.

The ADDITION has been claimed as official girlie territory. T only walks through to get to the laundry room or the deck. You can read another post to see how I "made" our girlie tree skirt from The Dollar Tree.

Found some amazing glittery orange and hot pink polka dotted ribbon last year at Michaels. Dressed up the garland over the built-in bookshelves with star tinsely stuff and glittery snowflakes.

Love these glittery picks and ornaments from Michaels and The Dollar Tree. You can't beat the prices. I like the glitter mixed with the pinecones.

I couldn't do a good DINING ROOM picture because I'll be honest and say that my table is covered with all kinds of holiday gifty crafty things and some of the people who read this blog will be recipients of said holiday gifty crafty things.

I think I'm ready for a change from the red walls, but for now it lends itself nicely to Christmas decor.

Just a little shabby tree in the corner with red and gold balls.

I keep the smallest of my Nutcrackers here. It's been really fun reminding a toddler all day to "no touch!"

There's not a whole lot going on in the KITCHEN so far. If you saw it last weekend, it was decked out for an Ariel-Under-the-Sea birthday party. I'm still recovering from it.

Just another shabby, Charlie Brownish tree in here. The ornaments are antique cookie cutters and chocolate molds.
This is a chocolate mold in the shape of a bear, in case you were wondering....

Our main family tree is always the "real deal." I made T buy it from Lowe's nursery this year because I was antsy to get it up and decorated, and of course to start our annual "Great Ornament Debate". It sits in front of the big front window in the LIVING ROOM. A friend made the ribbons several years ago for me, and they match the tree skirt. Got it all from the Martha Stewart K-Mart line.
All lit up at night.
The only other decoration in the Living room so far.

Finally, the larger pieces of my Nutcracker collection in the FAMILY ROOM. I started collecting them in elementary school, when my sister and I started dancing in it each season.

I use old books and a small antique trunk to give them some varying heights. I think I can say that I have enough now...I'm ready to call it quits on the Nutcracker collection.

Especially after "Frank" moved in. "Frank" is short for Frankincense. He was a Christmas gift from T's grandparents several years ago and as you can see, he's taller than my 4 year old!

I guess that's my cue to go find the mistletoe. There's still some decorating to be done! Hope you enjoyed our little virtual Open House.

Coming up: a Christmas craft or two, recipes, and various other things that spark interest or give you a chance to laugh at my expense.

{Happy weekend!}

Christmas Tour of Homes with The Nester

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  1. You always decorate your house so well! I love the nutcrackers!


  2. I love the vibrant colours that you used in the addition! Gorgeous!

    If you get a chance, stop by my blog today and enter my children's Christmas book giveaway.

  3. I did enjoy the open house! Everything looks so fun and Christmasy. I like your live tree the best, but it's followed closely by your kitchen tree. I just love those antique molds and cookie cutters. What a great idea for a kitchen tree!

    Have a good weekend with your little angels. :)

  4. Your specialty is actually MY recipe! Thank you very much!

  5. oh, I love the pinecones mixed in with the glitter and bright colors! That garland is fabulous!!
    Thanks for sharing your decor :)

  6. Love, love, love your nutcracker collection! Everything looks so beautiful.

    The great ornament debate about BB was had me in stitches! And I must say...his nose is a bit obscene...sorry.

    Hope you're having a great weekend.


  7. OH my word...those nutcrackers!!! I love them all. I have only just started collecting them so I am in awe of your amazing collection.

    I loved your comment about your is the same story at our house!

    Loved this post-will be back soon!
    Best wishes, Natasha.

  8. Your house looks so festive! The girls must love the lights and holiday bling!! I especially like your girl room decorations.

  9. Beautiful Amanda! I love all of your little themed trees. I would love to have a kitchen tree, but alas, there's just not enough room. :)
    Have a great trip to NYC, can't wait to hear about it!

  10. love all your Christmas decor. I want a nutcracker, but my husband hates them! - well not hate but just not something worth spending money on. Maybe I'll get one for a gift one day then I won't have to justify why I bought it ;)

  11. Holy cow! You go all out! I always say that some year I'll do more, but celebrating both holidays by going away to see family always dampens that! Have a great one!

  12. Your house looks so pretty! Love the nutcracker collection, and especially the girl room!

  13. I especially like your wreath with the bird!

  14. Amanda, I love how your home is decorated for your family. Now I love the blingy looking decorating that so many of the decorators do on their blogs, but yours is so much like what I do..its not overdone, its tasteful and family. And please keep the nutcrackers, those are a reminder to you of your can move them around next year and integrate them in with the rest of the decor! I love what you have done
    Stop by and visit me

  15. I love the antique cookie cutter ornaments in your kitchen....GREAT idea :)

    You can see our Christmas home tour here...

  16. I love all your birds. I have a thing for birds and their nests. We have a collection of nutcrackers too. I love being on the hunt for ones that are a little unusual. My dad brought me one back from Germany a few years ago and it's my favorite. Thanks for sharing your beautifully decorated homw.

  17. Wow! That's alot of Nutcrackers...they look great! Happy Holidays! ~Lisa

  18. Love all the nutcrackers! And the pink and purple garland, you did a great job combining traditional (garland) and the jewel tone snowflakes. And the real tree is just lovely!

  19. hehe, i see you got more comments! i love your nutcracker collection; what an awesome idea! i also love all your garland throughout the house; must invest in the garland after christmas this year. i'm trying to stock up on decorations at the end of each year, but it's slow going due to the money! :) thanks for sharing your home! (i can almost taste the sausage balls.)

  20. WOW your house is amazing! I love the nutcrackers too :D

  21. Your house is beautiful!!! I thinks some of us (read I) have gotten behind on our blog reading. I love how many trees you have and the girly stuff is awesome!

  22. Dancing in the Nut Cracker year after are just so talented. Pretty neat collection. Love your house decorated, so pretty.

    Wish I lived closer so I was one of the LUCKY recipients of your homemade goodness.

    Enjoy the holidays!!!!

  23. It all looks so festive! I am stopping in from Nester's Tour. If you would like to see my tour posts you can click on the 'Christmas 2009' tag on the left sidebar of my blog. Have a great holiday season!


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