Friday, December 25, 2009

This One's for You, Sam

I'm typing this early in order to have something to post on Christmas morning. As I was frantically rushing around my house today, trying to make Christmas "happen," I stopped for a moment to think about my brother-in-law.

Sam is married to my sister, Alison, and he's in the Army. He flies "heliploppers," as Natalie used to say, and he is currently sitting in Kuwait, waiting to go to Iraq for the second time. He'll be there for a year.

As I fretted over whether or not I ought to attempt to make a table centerpiece or would my guests notice if I didn't dust the dining room, I thought about Sam and his fellow soldiers and what it must be like to be oceans away from your family on such a special holiday.

If you think of him today, please say a prayer for Sam and the other brave men and women who are serving our country. 

"God rest ye merry, gentlemen
Let nothing you dismay
Remember, Christ, our Saviour
Was born on Christmas day
To save us all from Satan's power
When we were gone astray
O tidings of comfort and joy,
Comfort and joy
O tidings of comfort and joy"

We love you, Sam, and we miss you. Take care, and Merry Christmas!

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  1. Thank you, Manda! Sam will really love this :-)

  2. Yes, I will certainly do that. We were a military family for 25 years, and our son is now in the A.F.

  3. My son just came home from his second tour. It makes me so happy to think of him celebrating Christmas with his wife in Germany.

    Thank you Sam and Alison!

  4. Thank you for reminding me of all the troops overseas, away from their families. I'll say a big prayer for all of them. Merry Christmas!

  5. Please let your sister and brother-in-law know that each day my husband and I pray for our troops safety and for our God to bless and protect them. What an honor it is to pray for these soldiers and their families.

  6. As a military spouse, I appreciate this post. Hugs to your sis. Deployments are hard to endure.

  7. Thanks for the reminder to keep those serving in prayer. Thanks to Sam, too for his and his buddies service to all of us. Merry Christmas to all of you!


  8. Deployments are very hard on everyone. I know, I've been there. God bless Sam & all of the other brave troops defending our freedom. I pray that the Lord bring them all home safely.


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