Saturday, December 19, 2009

Let it Snow...Or No?

"I'm dreaming of a white Christmas,
just like the ones I used to know.
Where the treetops glisten,
and children listen
to hear sleigh bells in the snow...."
-Irving Berlin

Today might be the only time I've ever wished away mounds of snow at Christmastime. Our area of Virginia sits under a soft, frigid white blanket and more snowflakes are falling.

It's beautiful.

With the lights on the tree and in each window, it reminds me of a scene from a movie or memories of Christmases past with my family.

Except that one member of my family, my sister, is supposed to be flying in from Texas today. I'm waiting with my fingers crossed, praying that perhaps Richmond didn't get as much snow as we did and that my mom and T might be able to make it to the airport to bring Alison home.

We had plans for some Christmas shopping, Christmas movie marathons, cookie baking, and a pizza party with my girls this weekend. I'm wishing and hoping we get to do some of that.

So while I'm wishing and hoping, we'll be out in the white stuff today...

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  1. Hey, I hope your sis gets there ok. Your plans sound fun! Snow is pretty, but sure puts a kink in plans.


  2. I'm trying to wish away the snow, too. We don't have much yet, but they say it's coming. It's messing up our weekend plans, as well.

    Hope your sister arrives safely, even if she's delayed.

  3. Hope your knight gets back with sister and life is grand in the Burg.......I'm sure whatever you do, you will enjoy it with A....
    because of getting sick and being super behind, I'm thinking I won't be able to do a guest post unless you want to either 1: do an interview type thing, or 2: just repost what I post and have it on both blogs? What say ye????


  4. Awwwwwwww how cute!! I know my husband's family in North Carolina are getting a ton of snow and everything shuts down there for a dusting ... I sure hope that your sister makes it!! I'm catching up a bit after a long blogging break but it's good to be back :)

  5. Oh how cute! I hope your sister made it :D

  6. Got something special for you over on my blog


  7. I hope your sister made it! Your girls look adorable in their snow suits.

  8. I hope your sister makes it there ok, and y'all get to enjoy the snow together!

  9. Hope your sister gets home ok, and there is still snow so she can play with her nieces in it.


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