Sunday, December 27, 2009

No "Dirty Sticks and Fire Rocks" This Year

I guess the T family was pretty good this year because there were no "dirty sticks and fire rocks (coal)" in our stockings, as Natalie would say.

Christmas Eve ended with a trip over to the service at church, our home filled with family for our annual Christmas Eve appetizer/dessert buffet, and two little girls putting on new Christmas pajamas and heading off to dream of sugarplums.

Somebody had to guard the food from greedy little fingers (an early gift from my brother-in-law, Mike).

Christmas morning was filled with lots of torn wrapping paper, excited squeals, and traveling around town to make appearances at the in-laws' place and my mom's home.

Mike's dog, Tyke, got into the Christmas spirit and dressed as Saint Nick for the morning.

By the time we made it to my mom's house in the afternoon, everyone was ready for a nap!

But we rallied to enjoy a late lunch/early dinner and open gifts together.

My long hours sewing paid off, because SuSu loved her apron that I made!

It's always a wonderful Christmas when the gifts that you've put time and thought into are enjoyed! 

More on the "loot" later this week. (wink wink) Santa was good to us this year!

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  1. thanks for sharing your christmas with us. loved the photos. my granddaughter, eva, had the same jammies (& my grandsons had the doggy ones). so cute!

    peace -

  2. If I send you money/fabric will you make me an apron with a big at the top? I wanted one for Christmas but Santa didn't get the message I guess!!

  3. How fun! I love seeing all the girly stuff your little ones got. Indy got, Playmobil Romans and Vikings plus a ton of Indiana Jones stuff (of course). I wish there had been a few pink boxes under the tree though. You know, stuff I could play with. Sure the Roman Coliseum is cool, but really, feeding a gladiator to the lion is not exactly my thing. You can see photos on my blog (scroll down).

  4. Looks like a lovely holiday ! I love the pic of you and your babe - so cute ! Glad to hear you had a wonderful Christmas !

    Ms. Kate

  5. Looks like a great time was had by all! Your apron is adorable. Who wouldn't be thrilled to receive it? Nicely done. Blessings in the New Year Amanda :).

  6. Fun pics!!! Looks like a good time was had by all!!!


  7. It sounds like you had a very Merry Christmas! I love the pictures of the girls in those precious dresses and cute pajamas. I want to give each of them a little squeeze!! The dressed up dog picture made me laugh.

  8. Hey Amanda! Love the holiday pics - your girls look so cute in their pretty Christmas dresses. Nice job on the apron!! :)

  9. Awesome! Looks you guys had a wonderful time.


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