Wednesday, December 23, 2009

False Advertising

All I'm going to say is that several phone calls have been placed to the Head Elf in the North Pole's Behavior Department this week.

I've even left a few messages for Santa Claus, and I'm sure he heard the frantic "But I want to be a good girl!! Please don't tell Santa!" in the background.

I'm hoping they can live up to the standards that these pajamas's been a long week....

I hope no one has had to call the North Pole from your house this week. Anyone else got kids on the Naughty List?

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  1. Haha! Those PJ's are so cute. Here's to hoping that the girls are perfect angels for the rest of the week. ;-)

  2. That's hilarious, Amanda! Love those PJs. :-)

  3. Haha! Looks like you're getting closer to getting your pool boy and sound proof crafts room!

  4. Oh but yes.....could you please give me the number for Santa? I seem to have misplaced mine and I REALLY need to call him.

    Cute PJs!!!

  5. HAHAHAHA! You have to remember this for when she is older :D

  6. oh my gosh how I have missed you :) this is too good! have a very merry christmas too my friend! stay good and smile lots!! ive missed you xo


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