Monday, February 9, 2009

Viva Las Vegas

*Hypothetical* Question:

Which situation would you say is more desirable?

Situation A: Be picked up and driven to an airport. Ride on plane with ample time for napping, reading, conversing (so long as your traveling companions aren't weirdos), or just sitting there and staring at the back of the seat in front of you. Arriving in Las Vegas and staying in a nice hotel. Clean sheets, clean towels, mint on your pillow-the works. A nice woman named Carmela or Juanita will be wiping down the bathroom fixtures each morning. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner out in nice restaurants that do not serve "special sauce" with the entree. Spending the day (admittedly) hitting the pavement in Vegas at the world's largest furniture trade show. Making new contacts. Deciding what the store will buy. Picking. Up. Swag. {FREE STUFF!!!} Meandering a casino after work to play poker with people who don't talk about Sesame Street, graham crackers, and the potty. After winning (or losing) a few bucks, heading back to your hotel room and sleeping soundly with no fear of sickly children crying for you in the middle of the night. Knowing that you wouldn't wake up, even if you were home and the sickly children were calling your name. Riding home on an airplane at the end of the trip, catching up with any sleep you might have missed while carousing the strip.

Situation B: Watching person from Situation A back out of driveway in "chauffered" car, as you hold a snotty, barfy, beligerent baby and your three year old runs up and down the sidewalk wearing her new pink bedroom slippers and a bib from lunch, yelling "Roar, roar, roar." Feeling like yelling "Roar" yourself, but don't because it will make baby more beligerent. Go inside while baby barfs on you some more. Hold baby on couch for two hours while she sleeps, cries, and wallows around because if you move, all hell will break loose. Finally get both children in their rooms for naps and *getting* to catch up on the work you missed earlier because you were at the casino. Wait, I am getting my stories confused...that was Situation A. You wash dishes, clean throw-up off the high chair, let the dog out, consider making a screwdriver but realize it's only 2 pm. Spend the rest of the day pretty much the way the first part went, except the three year old wants to know where person from Situation A went. You tell her repeatedly, and she wants to know "who lost Vegas?" and "where did it go?" Children go to sleep for the night. You eye the cookie dough in the fridge. You would like to go to bed, but have to stay up late enough to let the dog out again so she doesn't start barking at the bottom of the stairs at 5 am. Sit and consider all the ways to burglar-proof the house. Wish person from Situation A was home to protect you. Blog. Go to bed.

If you haven't figured out who the people from Situations A & B are, then I am just plain at a loss. T was shocked when I expressed my frustration that he'd be leaving me for Vegas (baby!--sorry, couldn't help myself) for a business trip.

"It's not like I'm going to be having any fun, Manda." he retorted. "I'm going to be working."

Sigh. If I didn't have sickos in the house, I'd leave them both with Su-Su and head right out to Vegas (baby!) right now and konk him on the head. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, right?


  1. Awww, sorry you couldn't go with T to vegas.......there are jewels in your crown one day for what you are doing RIGHT NOW.......
    Take care.


  2. least you have a sense of humor about it? Maybe? a Little? I'd like to pick you up lunch or coffee today. Unless you'd rather not have company/help. Love you.


  3. if it wasn't the barfys at your house i'd head right over! not so good with the barfs:o( prayin' for tim to make the big bucks in vegas so you can have a day off at the spa:o)

  4. Guess it was more than something Natalie ate...stupid old flu. Sad when little ones are sick; the look in their eyes plead help me. You are the best to take puke over the slots. Besides it's better to see a love one throw up from the flu than a stupid old drunk with too much alcohol. Have you ever been to Vegas? My sister and family live there, so I've been several times.

  5. oh girl. these are the things they don't prep you for in mom school. hugs to you and the girlies. we missed you this morning :0(


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