Saturday, February 28, 2009

Spend Less Saturday {3}

Good tips this week, L and Alison! I always enjoy reading everyone's comments, and Erin, I'm sorry you'll have to wait for your "all-al-ince" before you can discover the wonders of The Dollar Store.

Speaking of The Dollar Store, this week's edition of ThriftyThursday focused on cheap (and chic!) accessories for your home. I could (and probably will) do some more posts on this subject. I am feeling a little insecure because no one posted on whether or not they've ever set foot in TDS. Am I the only one? Oh, man, I feel like a loser. I hope ya'll don't think I'm one of those weird ladies with frizzy hair (shut up, Alison) who wears cat sweatshirts and paws through the clearance bin in the cat food section at TDS. I swear, I'm not. We don't even own a cat, but if we did I'm sure I'd spring for some quality PetsMart cat chow. If you have frizzy hair, wear cat sweatshirts, and shop for your cat's food in TDS's clearance bin, I'm sure you're very nice.

Here's Alison's tip for the week:
{I always wait for Bath and Body works to have the $5 sale on the Wallflowers plugins. They smell better and last longer than any air freshener I've ever used and are normally about around $12. Every few months there is a five dollar sale though and you can get the starter kits and refills for less than have the price!}

I have no sense of smell, so I'll take your word for it, Alison. I like to light candles, but I often forget to do it. Not having a sense of smell makes one forgetful about such things. I like the idea of just plugging something into the wall and not having to think about it.

L wrote:
{I love looking for lamps and frames at thrift stores. I also swear by Krylon's nondrip satin finish spray paint in black. So....I take those lamps, frames, and any furniture I find with good lines and spraypaint them. Voila!! "Matching" items, all very cheaply made.}

Loved that tip, L! When I go thrifting, it's usually for bigger items (like the *perfect* desk I've been combing the 'Burg for). I've neglected to notice the smaller home accessories like lamps and frames. I'm currently looking for apothecary jars in cool shapes. I'll have to be on the lookout for a neat frame to spray paint black and make a memo-board out of.

Boagie, I too am glad that I did not slice my finger off with the box cutter. I was extra careful, as I do not have a good track record with sharp cutting tools. I feel confident that my future box cutting endeavors will be successful as well.

Well, that's all I got! Have a beautiful weekend!

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  1. hey, I was just in TDS yesterday if that makes you feel any better......I bought some pretty little gerber daisies for my front door bucket. Hey that just might be my post for the day!!!!



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