Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Several times a day, since T left on Sunday, Natalie wants to know when Daddy is coming home from "Lost Baygis." I have repeatedly assured her (and myself) that he is coming home tonight. Unless he decides to run off to Mexico with any cash he might have won at the poker tables after the conferences. In that case I will be holding a big yard sale. If you know of a guy who likes expensive power tools, send him my way.

Natalie has been very curious about this magical place called Lost Baygis.

"Do they have beds in Lost Baygis?"

"Yes, Natalie. Daddy will sleep in a big bed in a hotel."


"Do they have food in Lost Baygis?" She eyes the cookie jar with the candy we reserve for extra special treats.

"Yes, they do. Daddy gets to eat at nice restaurants."

Twirling her hair. "But what does Daddy do in Lost Baygis?"

"He might be winning some money after he goes to work with Mr. R." (Aside to myself: And he better bring home some swag for me!)

"Ooohh, what will he do with his monies?" Eyes lighting up with genuine interest. "Will he bwing me a pwesent?"

"I think so, Natalie."

She grimaces. "Aw, man. I knew I should have gone to Lost Baygus!"

I nod in agreement as I finish cleaning throw-up off Michaela Byrd's high chair. "Me too, Natalie. Me too."


  1. I hope Natalie and little sister AND mommy got a nice present from Las deserve it. Isn't it fun to see what little minds think on a new subject. Hope everyone is feeling better. You know you could leave a special present for T when he arrives home.... some dried up puke on his pillow, ha,ha...since he missed it all.

  2. how funny!!! I think you need to schedule a little mommy time in Spas R Us when daddy gets home from Lost Baygus......
    just sayin'.....


  3. She is so inquisitive! I can just see her in Las Bagis many questions she could ask.


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