Sunday, February 15, 2009

So, Was it Good for You?

...Valentine's Day, that is. Ours definitely had its highs and lows. T worked all day, so the girls and I were on our own. Yesterday was the first day in a week that Michaela Byrd was back to her usual, chipper self. Almost.

I had some errands to run, so I dressed them in their matching "Love Birds" tee-shirts, and we headed out. Every mom knows that the secret to a successful shopping trip is snacks. Not for you, silly. For the kids! Natalie and Michaela Byrd clambered into the double stroller and I doled out the Goldfish crackers. Natalie's were in a fancy plastic sandwich bag, and Michaela Byrd munched out of one of those cute "snack traps."

I was so distracted by the joy of being out of the house after a week of being couped up by myself with Barferella and Miss Whiney Pants that I scarcely noticed Michaela Byrd frantically stuffing as many crackers in her mouth as quickly as her tiny little hands could move. It wasn't until I heard the gagging sound that the Mommy Instinct kicked in and I could properly assess the situation.

Scan 1: Natalie calmly eating snack while showing her doll, Caroline, the new line of Crayola products. No gagging there.

Scan 2: Michaela with an odd look (the throw-up look, you know what I'm talking about!), slumping down in the front seat of the stroller.

I managed to make it to her just in time to catch the nasty Goldfishy barfiness in my hand. Eeeeeeeewwwwww!!! If you had told me five years ago that my primary job these days would be vomit-cleaner-upper, I would have flipped out.

I managed to disengage the Snack Trap from her freakishly strong little grip, as she hollered in rage. The poor thing was so hungry from being sick this week that she just wanted to keep eating! I reassessed the matter, and saw that it was not a case of sickness....she was just plain greedy and shoveled too much in.

With one hand, I waved at the customer service worker who had been helping us to find AC Moore's nonexistent supply of construction paper. The poor guy was a witness to the incident, and he looked only too happy to let us know where the bathroom was and to run for his life.

The other hand dripping in ickiness, I maneuvered the stroller back to the bathroom, strong-armed the door open, shoved the stroller in and proceeded to use the one paper towel to attempt to clean Michaela Byrd off. Of course, there were no workers within 15 miles of that area of the store. The last time I was in AC Moore, they were out of toilet paper--completely out, as in none in the store anywhere. Who runs a business like this?

*Slightly miffed,* I considered knocking on the men's bathroom door before raiding it, but decided against ruining my morning even further. We settled for using toilet paper to clean most of the mess up, as Natalie lectured me on the fact that I was wasting water. But you know, what's love if you can't clean up throw-up in a public restroom using only one paper towel, water, and one-ply toilet paper.

We pretty much left after that. The rest of the day was spent waiting for the laundry to be done.

T, ever the romantic, planned a *romantic* dinner at his parents' house with 14 other people. Yay. He asked me what I wanted, and I wisely choose this book rather than flowers that die, and chocolate that will only "enhance" my waistline:

"Sew excited" to learn more about sewing!

I really was excited about the gift, and he bought the sweetest card. He also brought each of the girls a balloon, which they were excited about. Natalie got a tiny box of chocolates from Michaela Byrd, and two new people for her dollhouse. Please don't tell her, but Emma ate the chocolates.

We gave Michaela Byrd this little, pink "goggy," which she was thrilled with. Honestly, we could have given her an old, wadded up magazine, and she would have loved it, but that's not as much fun now, is it?

Mimi came over earlier in the day and surprised Natalie with a new dress-up cape, and some candy. Michaela Byrd got the cutest little bear that you can stick a piece from the inside of his tummy in the microwave and make him warm. So cute! She's the best Mimi!

Our Valentine's Day certainly had its ups and downs. How was yours?

Happy Belated "Balentime's" Day!

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  1. That poor stock boy will never be the same until he's around his friends and one of them have had to much to drink. ha,ha Glad you saved the environment and stretched that one towel to it's limit. Go Green or orange in this case.

    Your valentine book sounds great. I love to sew. Learned it in 4-H and still do it to this day.
    It's nice to enjoy friends and family anytime of the year. I received a beautiful new BIGGER wedding ring for V-day and our
    35th anniversary this year. Didn't ask for it, cause I'm sentimental about the old one but wouldn't trade the new one in for anything. Sometimes our hubbies can surprise us.


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