Friday, February 27, 2009

I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry

Can you see them? Late each winter, I have three little crocus buds that pop up out of nowhere in the middle of my front yard. I don't know who planted them or how they got there. That bright pop of gold always captures my attention the first time I catch a glimpse of them, swaying bravely back and forth in the chilly February winds.

Seeing those crocus buds out in the middle of the yard always reminds me of the song title in today's post. There's something about that old Hank Williams song that I love. Maybe it's the way he paints a picture with words and music. Whatever it is, those poor little crocuses must feel lonely out there in my barren yard, even if they are surrounded by weeds.

Sometimes I know how they feel. (That must be why they say children grow like weeds!) Motherhood can be isolating. With each of the C-sections I went through to have my girls, the doctor forgot to take the training manual out with the baby! I think if I had received my manual, I would have been prepared for that part of being someone's mommy. It truly was a real shock to me the first time around. I think many moms often have days or weeks where they experience feelings of solitary-confinement, even though they are surrounded by their children. Husbands are wonderful, but not always the best listeners..."how can I fix it, hon?" or "what do you want me to do?" are the comments I hear the most often, when I really just want someone to listen. Men always want to fix things, bless their hearts.

But I have to remember that those yellow crocuses are a sign that Spring is on its way! No season lasts forever. Perhaps next year I'll just plant a few bulbs so the crocuses don't have to sit all by themselves in the yard. Today, I'll leave you with Hank:

Hear the lonesome whiperwill,
He sounds too blue to fly.
The midnight train is whining low.
I'm so lonesome I could cry.

I've never seen a night so long,
When time goes crawling by.
The moon just went behind a cloud
To hide its face and cry.

Did you ever see a robin weep
When leaves begin to die?
That means he's lost the will to live.
I'm so lonesome I could cry.

The silence of a falling star
Lights up a purple sky.
And as I wonder where you are,
I'm so lonesome I could cry.

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  1. From what I've read and heard about you as a sure don't need any manual. You are so caring and creative with those cute little girls of yours. You are such an inspiring writer that your blogs make each of your readers rear in their chairs with laughter. You are also kind to help give hints and recipes to the rest of us. If you ever need to talk to someone with has a good ear and that is distant enough to keep the juicy gossip away from others, you may call me anyday at anytime.

    I do think you are wrong about the old saying though. My opinion is children grow so fast and so do weeds ( alot faster than the flower or vegetable next to it.) That is my opinion and I'm sticking to it. ha,ha


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