Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Ugly House Guest

Have you ever had an ugly house guest?

One who snores and eats messily and makes your kids wild and pees on your floors?

What?! Your ugly house guest doesn't pee on your floors? Well, now I'm all embarrassed.

If you've been reading Serenity Now for awhile, you know that my mom occasionally compensates me financially to care for her Evil Cat, Mr. Darcy. She compensates me out of guilt over The Catfight.

Mr. Darcy can't stay here because T is allergic to cats and also hates them, but Sadie can.
Sadie is my mom's dog, pictured here having squeezed herself into a dog bed meant for a 5 pound Pomeranian.

It's not that she's completely disgusting. Except that she kind of is.

I am a dog lover. Always have been.
Anyone who spent parts of her toddler years willingly riding in the back of a Volvo with an Irish setter and two English cocker spaniels must be fond of canines.

Sadie is an odd dog in that she doesn't particularly care for humans. She spends her days following my dogs around, shedding all over my wool rooster rug, avoiding my children, and sneaking out of the kitchen to pee on my family room carpet. My sister once said Sadie resembles an anorexic ballerina because she appears to creep around on her tip toes. It's kind of creepy.

I am counting down to mom's return this weekend!

I'm not really certain how I get roped into pet sitting for my mother's neurotic animals. Maybe I got dollar signs in my eyes.

Maybe I need to invest in a carpet cleaner.

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  1. Good luck! I hope there aren't too many accidents this week!

  2. Seriously, the spot bot is the best money I ever spent. Cleans up pet ballerina pee stains, red gatorade vomit stains, don't know what that was on your shoe stains, ...and other stuff too.

    What a strange dog. It's not normal for dogs to avoid people, especially cutie pie little girls. Does your momma pick the strange animals cause she thinks no one else will, and she doesn't want them to be homeless? So sweet.

  3. I like dogs but not at my house. We have guinea pigs and only because they stay in a cage. I can't deal with animal hair all over the house or animal pee for that matter. haha!

  4. Seriously Amanda- that made me laugh. I'm talking a belly laugh too. Just picturing this anorexic ballerina dog tiptoe-ing around your house to pee on your carpets is hilarious. Hearing about your mom's pets cracks me up! Where does she find these animals ? :)

    I use the Bissell Little Green Machine and I think it is AWESOME for cleaning up pet spots, child spots, couches, cars, etc. Just thought I would throw that out there :) Good Luck!

  5. Ahhh poor Sadie and poor carpet! I know what you mean in regards to pet sitting for neurotic animals. I use to pet sit for my mom’s little poodle (Tiffany). She was blind, deaf, and cried any time you set her down. She had to be in your lap at ALL times! My mom even had complaints from neighbors because she would cry the moment my mom left her house. Tiffany made her rounds through the family until I was the only one that would watch her. It took one last week of her crying and Kent and I fighting like cats and dogs all because little Tiff-Tiff until she was no longer welcome back into our home. Ahh poor thing I still loved her but she was CRAZY, notice the past tense? She’s no longer with us. She went on to puppy heaven.

    Kendra aka "Domestic Princess in Training"

  6. You must be seeing dollar signs to keep that dog! I LOVE animals don't get me wrong. I have an outside dog that sneaks into the house constantly (seriously, he can open french doors and pushes open sliding glass doors and screens if we don't remember to lock them) and where ever he lays he pees. UGH! I did invest in a carpet cleaning machine because I was so tired of paying carpet cleaning people to come out.

  7. LOL...let me understand this...your mom has incredibly neurotic animals and she travels a lot? LOL Sounds like an interesting combination...So why does she pick these animals? Sounds like she knows she can get you to help her that's true love. LOL

    Thank you for making me laugh this morning!!!

  8. I love dogs, even the most recalcitrant dogs. . . I do not, however, like dog pee on my floors. And believe me, I've had plenty of experience with it. Ugh.

    That photo of little Amanda is so stinkin' cute! Again, just like Natalie and Michaela Byrd! Beautiful!

  9. Just know that your mother is VERY thankful for you keeping her dog. I know I would NEVER be able to go out of town if not for my sister who comes over and takes care of my dog. I HATE paying $15 a night for Emme to be kept in a little pen!

    Hope it goes by fast for you! Looooove the picture of you "riding" the dog! Sooo cute! Looks just like your girls!

  10. Love dogs too...but not what they can "Do-Do" or "Pee" lol. Thanks for sharing

  11. I would put that dog dog goes outside. When we go out of town (if it's a short trip) we put him outside for a few days and my neighbor comes over and plays with him and feeds him a few times a day...and he's fine! I'm sure he'd pee inside someone else's house if I left him with someone - he's super good but territorially weird like that.

  12. You are a good daughter to put up first with evil Mr. Darcy and now with Sadie, a shedding, urinating machine. Blah! Your mom owes you big time for this!!

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