Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Stealthy Ballerina

For several weeks, Natalie has been looking forward to her first day of ballet class, which was yesterday.
We bought a leotard, tights, and ballet slippers, and I channeled my past and practiced twisting her slippery preschooler hair into a bun.

The only problem?
Michaela Byrd fully expected to join her big sister. She also has a (pink) leotard and ballet slippers, and spends a lot of time turning my classical music CD to the Hallelujah Chorus and dancing around the living room. Remind you of anyone?

I didn't have the heart to tell her that she's still too little for class, so I swore Natalie to secrecy and we left little sis in the care of Daddy, as ballet class was during naptime. It was like Mission Impossible or James Bond or something getting out of that house without altering the sister of our exit.

I snapped a few pictures through the window  during class, and the teacher let the moms come in for a little performance after class was finished.


After class, my friend Christy (from I {Heart} New York) and I took the kids to get a donut at a nearby bakery. There's nothing like post-ballet excitement and sugar to finish an afternoon off.

Michaela Byrd was still asleep when we came home, Natalie changed back into her play clothes, and my two year old was none the wiser that she missed ballet.

Do you think our trip to the dentist this morning will make up for it?

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  1. so cute!
    My little one (2yrs old)...loves to dance. I'm looking for a class that takes them that young.

    Love the after dance donut :)

  2. So cute! I always wanted to take dance but my parents didn't like that idea. I can't wait to sign my little girl up for it!!! I was allowed to take gymnastics but I am sadly not a tumbler.

  3. Too cute! Poor little sister, lol. Layla took dance last year (jazz/acro) and decided to try gymnastics over the summer. Now it's come down to having to choose between the two. I would love for her to be able to take both, but right now isnt a good time. She ended up choosing gymnastics, but I kind of miss dance too!

  4. Aww. Little girls and ballet, too sweet. Best of luck to Natalie. Have a great day at the dentist. EEK!


  5. I love little kiddo ballet - she looks darling!!

  6. I love little kiddo ballet - she looks darling!!

  7. Awwwww, so cute, poor Michaela :-( Hee hee, it'll be her time soon.

  8. Your girls are just so cute! They look adorable in their ballet clothes. Poor little Michaela, it will be her turn soon enough though. :) So do you pronounce her name like MikAyla (an 'A' sound)? Or like MikIla (an 'I' sound)? I ask because my friend's daughter's middle name is Michaela and they pronounce it with an 'I' sound.

  9. Oh, so cute. I can just see you and Natalie practicing your double-O skills as you sneaked out of the house.

    The leotard! The shoes! The bun! So adorable. And it really is amazing how much your little ones look like you.

    I never had any dance instruction, which is a pity, since I'm still about as graceful as a giraffe. A few dance lessons would not have gone amiss. I did, however, have an LP of "Tina the Ballerina." It was my favorite record.

    Hope the dentist visit is going well for you today. I'm going to the dentist myself in a few minutes--not usually a happy event for me, since my teeth are terrible. Oh, well.

    Have a great day!

  10. Oh my isn't she lovely! I love how you shared a picture of yourself at her age as a comparison! You two look so much alike! How sweet!

    Your OO7 way of getting her to ballet will create some great memories for her to share when she is older. How fun!!!

  11. Your baby is a natural at ballet...look at the foot turned out and the leg almost straight in the air! Your oldest is adorable at class!!! I loved it when my (no longer) little girl was in ballet!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! : )


  12. How adorable! And, yay for donuts! My fave!

  13. What a cute story. I love the way the kids are holding hands in the doughnut shop. I hope all the classes are during Michaela's nap time, poor thing, she is going to be heart broken if she finds out.

  14. She looks soooo cute! Did she just love it? The little ones always make the recital wonderful! They're so cute! Does Natalie just do ballet or is it tap too? Those donuts look SOOO GOOOD!

  15. They are so adorable! I hope I have a girl someday so I can get get leotards and tutus for her. But my sister teaches dance, so when Adam is 3 next year, he'll be the one cute little boy on stage at recital, no matter what his daddy says. :)

  16. My heart is pitter-patting from the cuteness. Now how are you going to keep this a weekly secret from MB??

  17. That is just about the cutest thing I've ever seen!
    And my word! your daughters look exactly like you did! Exactly!

  18. I'm DYING from cuteness overload at all 3! of the lovely little ballerinas. Just dying!!! and the little one wanting to go too- ug!!!!

  19. Oh my, she is so cute with her little ballerina pose! Maybe Natalie can do some home lessons for Michaela! ;)

  20. Amanda, this post is so sweet. Your girls are darling. I did ballet when I was their age, too. My biggest regret was encourage them to stick with it!

    XO Michaela

  21. LOL! MB looks like she's doing karate instead of ballet. What a cutie pie.
    I love your linky parties. You need a hostess with the mostess award!

  22. This just stole my heart! These are the most adorable images. Thanks for sharing this.

  23. The little girls in their ballet gear just make me die. Just adorable. Your little gal looked like a true ballerina. =)

    (I'm sorry it took so long to comment. I read the post at work in my reader, but I don't like to comment at work. I'm trying to get a handle on keeping up with blog reading.)

  24. What fun! Both are girls are beyond cute and the pictures brought back memories from my ballet days. What great memories!


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