Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Judge Amanda

The lovely girls over at The CSI Project (Create Something Inspiring!) asked me to guest judge for this week's challenge: Turquoise!

I'm totally going to be like Judge Judy except without the black robe and with better jewelry and I won't yell at people. The CSI girls gave me such a sweet write-up...I am really excited to jump in and start perusing those entries. But first, I have a little secret...

I don't have a lot of turquoise in my home (yet). Don't tell JenBeckie, or Amanda! I don't want to be fired my first day on the job.

In truth, I've had to let turquoise grow on me because I was so traumatized by it in my childhood. Those of you who have been reading for awhile know that my 99 year old Nannie got stuck in a decorating time warp sometime during the 60s and never quite rebooted. I spent visits to her house gazing at the wall to wall turquoise carpet in the living room and the sparkling white leaning 1960s Christmas tree with the matching turquoise ornaments. That tree would probably be super stylish now, but to a kid in the 1980s, it was just plain perplexing. Add in the arguments in the background between my grandparents ("D@mm*t, Benton, where's the vaccum?! Aww, h$ll, Marie, I don't know!!") and there you have the trauma.

So I am warming slowly to the turquoise trend, because I know it's here to stay. For at least this year. I'm trying to find ways to work it into spots in my home, but aside from a vase, this is the only piece I have so far:
I know it just has some tiny turquoise accents, but I'm working on it! That's actually a piece from my Blessings Unlimited line. Isn't it cool? The Nester even mentioned it once as one of her favorite BU items (you can click on that link to read about her party).

Speaking of parties, I'm hosting my second BU party this morning. At my house. With children present. No babysitters.

Wish me luck.

And good luck to all of you who are linking up over at The CSI Project today!

*Thanks to today's Sponsor, one9designs!


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  1. Ha! You are so funny. I too have been traumitzed by turquiose as a child. We have so much in common. Mine was a 3rd cousin. turquiose sweaters, Christmas trees and ornaments, carpets LOL! It's grown on me and I do now see the chic quality of turquiose. Our MB is grey, chocolate brown and oh yes Turquiose accents:-) I love that piece by Blessed Unlimited!!! Good luck. I've hosted an open house with kiddos and all before for Usborne. It went really great actually and trust yours will too. Congrats judge Amanda!

  2. I love to wear turquoise jewelry but like you, I don't think I have any in my house. Odd! I hadn't thought about it until now.

  3. no turquoise here either-not sure why, no trauma here congrats again on your judgeship :)

  4. AMANDA! Good for you! How exciting to be asked to guest judge for CSI. That's awesome!

    I'm so proud to hear that you're already hosting your second BU party. Good for you! The best parties like this I've ever been to were ones that were held during the day. Sure, the kids may be a handful, but moms love to be able to bring along their children. Hope yours is a huge success. :)

  5. Yay!!! Congrats!!! You'll do great :-)

  6. Congrats, Judge Amanda!
    I don't really have any turquoise either.

  7. Turquoise free here too! Ha!!

  8. I think I was ahead of the times...I have loved turquoise for years! The master bedroom in our first house 8 years ago was painted turquoise, and I have a ton of accent pieces that are turquoise!

  9. Well good luck to you Judge Judy LOL That is going to be a hard job to pick just one!

  10. YEA!!! How exciting for you! I don't have much turquoise either. I'm TRYING to find some red/turquoise floral type fabric for my bathroom, but no luck yet. So excited to go read what they wrote. I haven't checked in with them this week, since I have no turquoise.

    Your account of your grandparents cracked me up!

  11. Thanks for sharing! I have a post I'm working on now showing my turquoise family room in my apartment! So fun that you're a judge!

  12. Good luck with your party. So glad I clicked over and thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, too. I have a Family & House Rules art print in turquoise here:


    but it comes in lots of other happy colors, too!

    Can't wait to spend more time to read all the goodness to be found here!

  13. How cool for you to be a judge for CSI. I love turquoise. My office is turquoise and bird's egg blue. It's inspiring, at least in small doses. So you're making a good start with the small accents! LEt us know how your BU party goes with no babysitter. You're a brave woman!

  14. have fun judging! I just added turquoise to several pieces in my living room and I love it! i do wonder when i will want to change it though

    love your sign, very cute!

  15. Congratulations and have tons of fun judging! I haven't added turquoise in my house yet either! Something I definitely need to add to my to do list!

  16. Ha I Love the imagery! I used to have a white Christmas tree too which is even stranger in Australia since it's summer at Christmas time! No snow!

  17. Thanks for the visit, and I am now following.

    Nichole @

  18. Hope your party is super successful. I love that sign. Just lovely.

  19. I dont think that there is a speck of turquoise in my home. I doubt that I'll join that trend.

    Good luck with judging. You'll have to tell us about how you scored what you viewed or what kind of system you used. I'm sure that you'll be on the computer for hours to come up with your choices. Congratulations for being selected!!

  20. Congrats girlie! You've got a tough (but fun!) job ahead of you.

  21. that was a fun project -- I bet you had a hard time deciding between all that cute turquoise!

    xo, cass


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