Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Flip Flop Party That Didn't Flop

I've been meaning to write this post for awhile, and just plain forgot about it. But summer is drawing to a close, and I thought it would be fun to share the ideas in case you want to throw your own version of this Flip Flop Party.

My friend Shawna and I are leading a group of ladies within our MOPS group this year. We're basically in charge of making sure the girls who head up each table at the meetings are making each group member feel welcome, encouraged, and loved on. Shawna and I are Social Mavens, if you will. I know that will come as a shock to many of you.

We planned our first team social event for July and thought what better way to encourage our girls to "put their best foot forward" than to throw an Ice Cream Social with a Flip Flop theme?

We started our planning by purchasing a bunch of white flip flops at Old Navy and attempting a late night decorating session. They turned out great, but unfortunately the "diamonds" all fell off so people were eventually left with plain white flops. Great.

But they looked super cute in my basket with a little card (Some "Sole" Support for Our "Soul" Sisters) and a flip flop-shaped sucker (from The Dollar Tree!). I was inspired by Poca Cosas.

The party was the easy part. We provided ice cream, drinks, paper products, and brownies. The girls each brought their favorite toppings. I found some cute flip flop products at The Dollar Tree and the party store. I soooo wanted to buy flip flop shaped lights on a string, but they were too pricey.

We didn't get fancy at all, and no one cared. It was just nice to be able to chat and devour delicious ice cream sundaes.

Why do people always congregate in the kitchen when there are comfy chairs awaiting elsewhere?

{Have you had a fun, but easy to put together get-together this summer?}

I have a neat Giveaway up tomorrow from The Cat's Paw (think vintage buttons and fabric!) and I hope you'll come back on Friday as well and link up your favorite post of the week for Weekend Bloggy Reading

Until then...

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  1. Oh Amanda I love it!!!! My 15 year old daughter is obsessed with everything flip flop! I think I will use this theme for her birthday next summer.

    Our MOPS year starts tomorrow. I can't wait to see what they are planning! Its my first year as a "MOPS mom". It looks and sounds like your group has such a great time!

  2. I think this sounds like a lot of fun and I love that it is not just for little girls.

  3. Ha! So true the kitchen is always a hub at gatherings! I love this party. Our SS teachers at our old church used to host an ice cream social each July. It was a simple evening but so much fun. Our SS teacher was a connoisseur of ice cream. He seriously had a drawer dedicated to ice cream scoops and he's host a vote for the best vanilla competition each year out of three choices. I think simple gatherings are the best!

  4. I love your saying on the card with the flips, too cute! Looks like all the details were a hit and yes the kitchen will always be the place no matter how big it is to hang out. I think it just makes people more comfortable!

  5. What a cute idea! And free flip flops? Um, always a good thing! The flip flop trays and the little canvas are adorable! Lots of cute ideas!

  6. Loving the flip flops!! What a fun idea :)

    Shopper Gal

  7. What a cute theme! I love the flipflops and the cute saying on the tag!

  8. I love, love, love flip flops ~ what a great idea! I think the shoes turned out cute, even if the diamonds fell off :)

  9. What a fun party! I laughed about the diamonds falling off :( What a bummer, who knows what would have made them stay on!

  10. A great party idea! We don't do flip-flops around here, I'm afraid. I think we're all averse to having things between our toes. But I have a friend who's a flip-flop fanatic, so I need to show her this post! :)

  11. It looks like a fun party...and the fact that it wasn't too pricey - even better!

    I'm going to add 'flip flop' party to my list of must-dos.

  12. How cute! We are definitely making sure everyone will feel more welcome this year at MOPS. We are appointing people that are not on the steering team to keep an eye out for people who may feel a little left out. I love that you have a team for this!

  13. I love it!!
    I don't know why we always stay in the kitchen either : )

  14. I picked the wrong year to be on steering. I should have been a table leader this year :( I wanted a Bible Study and a chance to gain closer relationships with other women and that is exactly what you are giving them this year! Is it too late to change my mind? :) LOL! Great job! I LOVE your theme, sign, favors, tableware, etc.

  15. Aw! That looks like such a sweet little party. How nice of you and Shawna!

    So, believe it or not, I had never heard of MOPS until your blog, and another lady's blog I was reading the other day. I'm really thinking about joining one. When I checked them out online, it turned out there's one like a mile down the road from me.

    My ladies bible study ended because all of the girls weren't able to keep coming during the fall (full-time jobs, kid's sports, college, one's about to be a newlywed and planning her wedding, etc.) Anyway, I just reeally miss it!! I loved the christian fellowship, support, and friendship with the other ladies/moms. So, what do you think? You think I should join MOPS?

    It's sounding like a pretty good idea to me. Thanks Amanda!

    Love, Laura

  16. You come up with the best titles for your posts.

    This party looks like so much fun! Your MOPS groups sounds like it is full of really nice people.

  17. sounds like a great party- what a fun idea!

  18. I just love the flip flop theme. And, what a useful take home - everyone needs flip flops! =)

  19. Cute, cut idea! How fun was that party! I too would love to know why people are always in the kitchen at parties!

  20. What a cute idea! Everything turned out great. I am planning a no fuss, impromptu end of summer potluck party for Friday. I'm excited.

  21. What a fabulous idea!! Using the Flip Flop theme is just perfect! And I have no idea why everyone congregates in the kitchen?? Could be a simple food is in there!!!! Ha

  22. what a great idea for a party. it looks like so much fun! Girl, you should go into the could be like Fronk!

  23. Okay, so when I read the title with the way the "F" and the "l" look together in your title font...I thought it said "The Hip Hop Party that didn't Hop"!!! Isn't that hilarious?

    But what a FABULOUS get together!

    Also - I do ribbon flip flops for Ribbon Blossoms, and I found that E6000 is what it takes to get embellishments to stick on the flip flops without falling off. Just for future reference!!


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