Monday, September 20, 2010

This Is the Week...

This is the week that may or may not send me to a padded room in a "special" wing of the hospital. We started  back to preschool last week in full force and things aren't letting up yet!

I did figure out (crossing fingers!) how to fix the Feedburner problem I talked about on Friday, so we'll see how long my solution lasts. I am not a techie person, so fixing computer issues usually revolve around me saying not-nice words and banging on stuff.

In between preschool, ballet, and planning for various upcoming MOPS events, I have to find the time to clean up the house for my very first Blessings Unlimited party on Saturday night. Did you see that The Nester gave me a little shout-out on Friday? What a thoughtful gesture, since I had just signed up on Wednesday night! I'll post more about my new venture another day...

In other important news, we talked to Verizon on Friday and asked them to turn off our free HBO since it was supposed to run out yesterday. When I flipped on the TV last night, I was giddy to see that HBO is still on!

I felt very much like Chandler and Joey in the Friends episode where they don't turn off the TV for days because they're afraid they'll lose the "questionable material" channel. {ahem} If you were a Friends fan, check out that video--good laughs! So it looks like I may have a few days more of quality viewing of movies like Transformers and Terminator.

Because this week is going to be pretty insane for me, I have a super-fabulous guest post planned for Wednesday and the lovely Ribbon Blossoms Chic Boutique has an awesome Giveaway scheduled for Thursday!

I'll do my best to visit around and return comments this week, but please be patient with me. You always are!

{Happy Monday!}
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  1. Sounds like a busy week! Hope you enjoy all your new adventures!

  2. Have a great but busy week!! I feel like things haven't slowed down since school started....crazy busy!

  3. Oh, boy, Amanda! Sounds like your week will be uber-busy, but GOOD busy. That's so much better than BAD busy!

    Is getting ready for your Saturday night party what will make you the most busy? I'm getting ready to have overnight guests in a couple of weeks, and I'm already thinking "Oh, my gosh, I've got so much to do to get ready!" Maybe I need to host a party of women to help me get things really cleaned up around here!

    Take good care of yourself as you work! And it'll be good to see you when things settle down a bit. Love you!

  4. Haha! Friends is hands down my most favorite show EVER!!! Hope your week eases up on you, remember to find time to relax sometime this week :-)

  5. hahaha you poor thing!! you always know how to word things so they are completely hilarious :) xoxo

  6. Bless your heart! I fell your pain honey! Have a good week even though it will be busy!

    Love that episode of Friends!!

  7. Amanda,

    I am praying for your week. Sounds like it is going to be a very, very busy one! I hope things go well with your new business venture!! I've heard good things about Blessings! Enjoy the process...don't get too worried about your home that you don't enjoy and absorb as much learning from your first gathering as possible!

    Take care and enjoy the excitement! I read your shout out over at The Nester...good for you! She seems like such a sweetheart! :-)

  8. That is great news about feedburner and a big congrats on figuring it out by yourself! Very impressive- I probably would have had to hire someone to figure it out.

  9. Congrats on your new venture! I actually got to go to the Nester's Blessings Unlimited party a few months back. I saw all these products and I can honestly say these products are amazing!!! Best of luck to you!!!

  10. best of luck with the new venture!!
    I love Friends & that is one funny episode. Enjoy your movies while you can :)

  11. I love Friends! I think I've seen every episode twice! Very funny clip (:
    Praying for as peaceful of a week as you can have! Hope things start settling down for you soon.


  12. I hope you get some quality time with that HBO channel before they figure it out. Hope things start settling down for you soon.

  13. Good luck getting all of your tasks accomplished this week. You are going to be a busy girl! I hope your free HBO last for a while, maybe forever!

  14. Don't worry you will get it all done and everything will be fabulous. :) Yeah, I remember that Friends episode. I love that show! I always watch the reruns.

  15. WOW, what a busy week! I can't wait to look through your new catalog. Congratulations on the new (ad)venture!


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