Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thrifty Thursday: It's Chic to Be Cheap {27}

Like all good grandparents do, my O'pa and my Nannie each sent me some Christmas money.

And like all good shopaholics, I went directly out to spend some of it the day after Christmas. I thought that I'd share a few of my deals and steals from after the holidays with you today.

Melissa at Frugal Creativity alerted her readers to some fabulous after-Christmas magazine sale on I picked up 1 year subscriptions to All You and Good Housekeeping for close to $5 each.

One of my favorite places to visit after Christmas is Target, my home away from home. -Seriously, if they set me up a little cot (with pretty pillows and sheets in a high thread count) in the back of the store, I could live there quite happily so long as I had access to the Starbucks.-

I had a couple of good buys there last year, but I really hit the jackpot this time!

The popcorn bins were in the Dollar Spot, marked at 75% off. I grabbed 5 of them. Natalie loves popcorn. And movies. How can I go wrong with that? The glittery white snowflakes and the silver "R" monogram pin were from the 50% Christmas clearance section and will be used in upcoming crafts/gifts.

This next picture holds a collection of finds from Target, JoAnn Fabric, and Wal-Mart.

More glitter snowflakes, a felt birdie ornament, a fabulous hot pink tinsel wreath for my back door next Christmas, some cutesy cute ceramic ramekins, and pom pom fringe.

I am loving this pom pom fringe! Winter craft coming soon!

Aren't the scalloped edges on the ramekin pretty? Don't you also love the scratches on the package? No? Okay, perhaps I got carried away.

Not pictured are the cute knee-length denim skirt and oversized cream colored sweater I got at Old Navy on an evening shopping trip with my sister-in-law, SuSu. I could have gone nuts in there, but my brother was with us, and he's kind of a killjoy when it comes to shopping. Old Navy doesn't normally impress me, but they did have some great bargains.

She doesn't know I'm doing this, but I also want to put in a plug for my friend Kate from Centsational Girl. If you haven't visited her etsy shop, you simply must stop by!


She has all sorts of fabulous goodies, and they are listed at fabulous prices. I stopped in when she first opened, and was lucky enough to snatch up a gooooorgeous, vintagey looking hairclip.

Not only was the price right, but checkout was quick and easy (I'd never shopped etsy before), and she shipped my order in record time...packaged nicely and everything!

I was going to share a picture of some gorgeous vintage Christmas cards she had listed, but when I went back to save the photo, they were already gone. See? Get 'em while they're hot. If you stop by, please tell Kate I sent you. Her shop would be a great spot to spend some of your Christmas money. 

{Did you find any good after-Christmas deals this year?}

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  1. Caauute pom pom fringe/ribbon! Can't wait to see what you come up with.

  2. You really hit the jackpot...lucky you! I scoped out Target(s) last week. One was still at 50% off and had a lot of stuff, but I didn't get anything because I thought I should wait for 75%. The other one the same day was at 75% already, and was picked pretty clean. I got two out of the three stocking hangers that I wanted, but then had to go back to the other one to get the third (still only 50%) and not risk missing out.

  3. I love that kind of shopping trip! You found some great deals! By the time we got to Target, the Christmas clearance items were so picked over that there was nothing worth buying. At least that made my DH happy. :)

    Thanks for the mention!

  4. Very cool! I have the same glittery snowflakes from Target that I attached to the christmas presents I wrapped this year so everyone got an ornament as well. I have yet to do my post holiday shopping, hopefully I'll be able to this weekend w/ my sister. Take care!

  5. Aw, you stinker. Thanks for the shout out - you've reminded me I need to go hunting for more goodies to add.

    Great finds by the way.


  6. I wish I would have seen those popcorn containers too! Love the pom pom fringe and I'm excited to see what you come up with. :)

  7. Looks like you got some GREAT deals! I was not so fortunate. My kids didn't go back to school until yesterday, so that was my first day out of the house for "deal" shopping. I missed the boat at Target & Hobby Lobby, boo! I picked up a ton of stuff last year though. The only thing I came home with was a huge whitewashed tray from Target clearance at $15 and 4 stockings from HL at $6 total. I'm sure my husband will be happy that I missed out on all the shopping!

  8. For the first time ever I think, I went out on Dec. 26th to shop-- I went with the intention of finding boots for myself, but every other woman with a size 8 shoe must have made it out of the house before me, because I came home bootless. However, I did find an adorable pair of boots for my daughter, so now she's rocking them out!

    Love the "R" pin... it's so classic!

    Confessions From A Working Mom

  9. you scored big with the pom-pom fringe and popcorn buckets...nicely done!

    i have had good luck finding deep discounts on hot chocolate....but c'mom, that's a year-round treat! :)

  10. You found such great deals! I love al the craftiness and those popcorn holders :D

    I went to Amazon looking for AllYou for $5 but its back up to $20. Bummer, my subscription lapsed :/

  11. You found some great things! My very favorite is the pom-pom fringe. Can't wait to see what crafty thing you create with it.

  12. Hm I wonder why "Opa" didn't send me a Christmas present? Interesting...

  13. It IS chic to be cheap! You got some great stuff here.

    And I'm with you on Kate's Etsy shop. I just love her stuff!


  14. you need to meet my mom, she ALWAYS finds goodies like you! I swear it's a skill :) xx

  15. You found some great bargains. After Christmas I felt like I didn't want to spend another penny, so no shopping for me.

  16. LOVE the pom pom got some great deals! Can't wait to see the wintery craft!


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