Thursday, January 14, 2010

No 911 Calls to HGTV Were Necessary

So I didn't have to call 911 on any Dilemmas yesterday, but I was secretly happy to see that some of you have uncertainties when it comes to decorating just like I do. Others of you have Dilemmas like, "How much more fabulous can I be?" but I kind of like that because I can rip off copy be inspired by you.

Thank you so much to each and every one of you who joined the party. I am so grateful to you for not only taking a few minutes out of your day to offer me some helpful (!) feedback, but also to lend a helping hand to your blogging community. If you haven't had a chance to make the rounds yet, please do...I know each participant is thankful for new ideas. 

Big group hug!

I thought it might be fun to present a little recap from Round 5 of Decorating Dilemmas

Several readers featured their Bathroom Dilemmas
I have my own Bathroom Dilemma that is crying out to be blogged about. 1 ugly upstairs bath + 2 adults + 2 little girls + 2 Ariel bath toys = no fun. Really.

Stacey wrote about her turqoise bath, which I actually think has potential. 

She had some problems with her comments section, so if you have a chance to swing by to give her your thoughts, please do. (Thanks, Holly, for alerting us!)

Like me, Cheryl from Tidy Mom is looking to leave country behind and update her style.

Robyn had a great start to her kitchen, and her inspiration picture from The Old Painted Cottage made it easy for bloggers to offer her some advice.

Lots of us know we want to fill up some empty space on our walls. We're just not quite sure how to start.

I guess joining the party is a start, right?

Having some solutions to check out doesn't hurt!

Solutions to Inspire
Holly's innovation helped her create some much needed storage in her home's bath. Hello, cable ties!

Kate is one of my top most favorite bloggers, period, but her wrapping paper and ribbon organizer was one of my favorite posts I read this week.

Loveliness! I'm a little bit afraid of power tools (still!), so I am considering how many times I will have to promise T I'll cook him his favorite dish before he'll build me one!

I also looooved how Amy took her bath from "hospital sterile"

to super-cuteness:

Fab, isn't it?

As for me, I am just overwhelmed with all of the awesome ideas you left for me. It seems that the lamps. must. be. painted.

Oil Rubbed Bronze seems to be the consensus. T leaves for a business convention in Las Vegas in a few weeks. 

Maybe I will accidentally paint all the lamps while he is away. 

I'm glad you all didn't think I grew up as a hillbilly or something since I have a banjo on my wall.

I took a look at it, and I don't see any way I can hang it vertically without possibly bending or ruining the metal part inside the hollow area. Since it was a special family piece, I think I'll have to leave it as is, or maybe move it somewhere else.

I read every single suggestion you all left for me, and I am so excited and motivated to start looking for ways to complete Solutions for this room. Thank you!

If there is enough interest I'd certainly be happy to offer another party in the next month or two. If you don't already Follow or Subscribe (seriously, what is up with Feedburner for losing almost all of my Readers...over 400 of them are gone and I'm not the only blogger this happened to!), please do so that I don't have to hunt you down and beg you to link up next time. You'll just see the reminder post like everyone else.

{Happy Decorating, from one amateur to some others!}

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  1. Darn! I missed it! The battery was dead in the camera, and then the day got rolling, and before you know, I was too late! Sad me! I have such a dilemma! I'll save it for next time, so please have another, Okay?

  2. You have such a cute sense of humor! The party was fun and I'd be all for joining in on another one.


  3. Of course we need more parties! The feedback is always awesome :)

    You know what would be super cool? If we have an after-party...a place to update everyone on the progress made on our dilemmas (and a reason to stay motivated about working on them). Thanks!

  4. Amanda, your "party" was awesome yesterday. DH & I had a great time pouring over all the comments I got on my post, and debating the pros and cons of each and every tip. Thanks so much for helping out!

    Also, would you be interested in guest blogging at some point on a new blog I'm starting in the next few weeks? Email me at my.confessions at if you are!

    Confessions From A Working Mom

  5. So many dilemmas and so little time (or self discipline) to snap photos. I plan to join this party so I hope you will host again soon. I love the banjo and what it means to your family. That's the best way to decorate! I need to carve out time tonight to make the rounds. Thanks again!

  6. amanda, since i didn't see it anywhere on your blog...this is your official reminder that project runway starts tonight!! don't forget to tivo:o)

  7. My first thought when reading this post was was: "where was I?? how did I miss this?!" But then I remembered that my life has been craaaaazy and I haven't been able to keep up with my favorite blogs for like *gasp* a month! So, all that to say, I know I didn't link up this time, but please please host another party! : ) Looks like this one had great turn-out!! Congrats!

  8. Boy, you had a great turn out for your party. I miss have to wait until the weekend to make my rounds. I hope everyone who participated got some great suggestions.

    *I'm going to ask my husband this weekend if he can think of a way to hang a banjo vertically. He's pretty resourceful and might come up with something that would work for you.*

  9. It was a great party Amanda! I have only made it around to a handful of participants so far, but I am trying to graadually work my way through as many as I can!

    I definitely got some good suggestions for my dilemma!

  10. Thanks for the feature Amanda! We have our VOTW party again this week, so see if you have something you'd like to share :) Have a great weekend!

  11. Thanks for the shoutout!
    It was a fun party...I still need to make a few more visits.

  12. Thanks for the party! I really have some great ideas now for my turquoise bath thanks to you and all the others who helped immensely. I think I have been inspired to just leave the fixtures now and work around them.

    Anyways...can't wait until the next one..I have more rooms that I could use some inspirations for as well. Thanks again:-)

    PS. Glad to know about Feedburner, I thought I was the only one:-(

  13. Missed it!
    You'll have to let me know the next time you have a decorating dilemma party.

  14. Banjos just make it unique. :) I have fighting cocks on my you've never seen that before. lol. :)


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