Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Halloween Hangover

While I can't exactly blame Halloween for the holiday "hangover" at our house, I can say that we went out trick or treating and then my girls promptly came down with croup and some weird stomach virus that lingered all weekend. I didn't get to share Halloween costume pictures with you guys because I ran the link party on Friday and features yesterday. But I just had to show off these two...and their "sidekick."

Yep, I had an All-American Cheerleader, Little Red Riding Hood, and....

...The Big Bad Wolf

"Why, Grandmother, what big teeth you have!"

Never mind that the Big Bad Wolf enjoys lounging in a leather chair during the day and watching Octonauts. She is still a fearsome possum killer on our street.

I spotted the girls' costumes cheap (Natalie's was $7) at Wal-Mart and grabbed Byrdie the black sparkle "Uggs" to complete her outfit. Her basket actually goes to an old Dorothy costume that both girls have used in the past. Natalie had some white keds from the summer and the pom poms were in our dress-up stash. Not bad!

So, Red Riding Hood and the Cheerleader and the Wolf all headed out into the dark street to ply their neighbors for candy. But not until they'd watched T carve up a spooky Jack-o-Lantern...

Red Riding Hood got tired and we had to call it quits earlier than the Cheerleader would have liked, but there was sufficient candy for all. And I had totally on purpose accidentally bought too much candy, so T and I had leftovers and didn't need to pilfer any from the children. 

Not a bad Halloween....

What kind of costumes did you dig up this year?

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