Wednesday, November 27, 2013

DIY Filled Glass Ball Ornament Craft

Jessi from Practically Functional is filling in for me today and she has some adorable Filled Glass Ball Ornaments to show off. These would make great gifts for teachers, friends, neighbors, or family members!

Hey there, Serenity Now readers! I'm super excited to be sharing a quick and easy DIY Christmas ornament idea with you guys today! I really love making my own Christmas ornaments, and they also make the perfect handmade gift to give to friends and relatives!
                                     DIY Glass Ball Christmas Ornaments

But first, let me introduce myself! I'm Jessi, and I blog at Practically Functional, a blog about simple, practical projects and ideas to help you love your home, no matter where you live.
Jessi at Practically Functional

We live in a tiny apartment and don’t own a car, but that doesn't stop me! I decorate, I craft, I DIY, I build, I organize, I cook… I even garden! We love every single square foot of our little home, and Practically Functional can help you love yours too, no matter where you live! And don’t worry, I’ll give you detailed instructions and pictures in every tutorial, so stop by for a visit and see if you can find some inspiration! Now on to the Christmas ornaments!

DIY Filled Glass Ball Christmas Ornaments

You only need a few things to make your own Christmas ornaments:
  • empty glass ball ornaments
  • something to fill them with
  • ribbon for hanging
  • scissors
                                            DIY Glass Ball Christmas Ornaments - Supplies

I found all of my supplies at Michaels, but I'm sure any craft store near you will have this stuff! I used a garland of tinsel and a twisted bead and ribbon garland for these ornaments, but you can fill them with anything you can think of that will fit through the opening! Start by pulling out the top of an empty ornament.
                   DIY Glass Ball Christmas Ornaments - Pull out the top and fill with something pretty!

Then cut apart your tinsel garland into a few small pieces and push them into the small opening until the entire ball is filled.
DIY Glass Ball Christmas Ornaments - Filled with tinsel

Next,  pinch the top together and put it back in place. Cut a strand of ribbon, thread it through the top, and tie it so there are about 3-4 inches of loop for hanging the ornament.
DIY Glass Ball Christmas Ornaments - Red tinsel

Or if you want to try something different, just put one single strand in and let it curl around!
DIY Glass Ball Christmas Ornaments - Single tinsel strand

Or try filling the ornament with beads and ribbon instead!
DIY Glass Ball Christmas Ornaments - White pearls and silver ribbon

Get creative with these; you can fill them with anything that will fit in through the opening! You can use beads, sand, ribbon, curled paper strips, tinsel, and more! Thanks a ton to Amanda for letting me share this with you guys today! If you liked the craft project, make sure you stop by Practically Functional for a visit! I'd love to see you there!


Thanks for sharing with us, Jessi! I know my girls would love to help make some of these as gifts this year!

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