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How to Plan Children's Parties on a Budget

The girls and I are spending the week at Myrtle Beach, so I have some pretty spectacular guest posts lined up! First up are some fabulous tips on affordable party planning for kids from my friend Trish from Uncommon. Trish blogs with her sweet sister-in-law, Bonnie, and I got to meet both of them at Haven in June. You're going to love them!

Please welcome Trish!

Hi Serenity Now readers! I am Trish and I blog with my sister-in-law, Bonnie, at Uncommon. There, you will find us posting all sorts of tutorials on crafts, sewing, decorating, entertaining and pretty much anything else DIY!  

One of my favorite things in life is party planning, and today I can't wait to share some tips for planning children's parties on a budget!  

Here are 3 tips to help you plan a beautiful children's party on a budget...

1.Location of the party...

I know that these days most people do not have their child's birthday party at home, but this is hands down, the best way to save money.  In our area, most birthday party places start at over $250 per dozen children and that does not include food, cake, or party favors. If the idea of having your kiddos and all of their buddies inside your home gives you the chills, do it in your backyard, garage, or at your local playground. 

2. Decorations for the party...

This is my favorite part! So I don't get overwhelmed (or overspend), I usually break decorating for the party into three spaces: the entrance, a main table, and the children's table for seating. 

Having a welcoming entrance gets your guests in the mood to party! You could make a sign for the front door, hang balloons on the mailbox, or a customized display like the one you see above.  The children's parents will know they are in the right place and the kids will be so excited about the party!

The main table is where I spend the most of my decorating dollars and attention. It really is quite simple... put a tablecloth over the table, set up a cute display with your cake and goodies, hang something over the table, or use something that has height to anchor the space. For my daughter's 7th birthday, I simply wrapped boxes in black wrapping paper for a super cheap display! 

If you have ever met me, you would know that I love tissue poms!  They are so big and vibrant and are a cheap addition to make your party decor really pop. If you consider that it only costs $1 per pom, it is cheaper to have those  than a helium balloon, plus you don't have to pick it up the morning of the party! Our tutorial on making party perfect tissue poms and our tutorial on making tissue tassel garlands are must sees!

The children's table is the final part of the decor equation. To save some money here, I will usually incorporate either the craft or activity at each little one's place. They just love having something special and fun that is all their own at their seat!

 3.Printables for the party...

The final tip for planning parties on a budget is the use of printables. I love hopping on ETSY to see what beautiful collections are out there for parties. One of my favorite shops is, Amanda's Parties To Go. For one low price you can purchase a customized pdf for invitations, cupcake topper and wrappers, party favor tags, and so much more. You simply print it off at your local office supply store and you have a beautifully coordinated party. Aside from the printables themselves being very affordable, you can really save on your cupcakes and party favors too. Simply putting a cute tag on candy, or a dollar section toy can make it look so cute. In the same sense, I can buy solid colored cupcakes from my local superstore and put a cupcake wrapper around them with a cute pick and pay considerably less than a decorated cake. The same goes for invitations! 

All 3 of these tips can help you plan an incredibly party for your children without breaking the bank! These tips can also be carried over into all types of parties that you create! I hope that you have found these...

3 Tip for Planning Children's Parties on a Budget helpful!

A big "THANK YOU!" to Amanda for having us today here at Serenity Now! We would love to have you visit us at Uncommon! You can also find us on facebook twitter, and pinterest !

Take care!


Please be sure to visit Trish and Bonnie at Uncommon. You'll find tons of wonderful inspiration! Tell them I sent you!


  1. Thanks for having us Amanda! Hope you are having fun at the beach!

    Take care,


  2. I wish I had seen all these cute party ideas when my son was younger! Now that he's 12, party planning is easy - he gets to invite two friends, and we take them to dinner and a movie. Much less stress!

  3. Great tips and adorable parties! We almost always have our parties at home. I let each of my boys have their 5th birthday away from home and they probably won't have another away from home party until their 10th birthday...they are just too expensive!

  4. Great guest post girls!!! :-) <3 Heidi Rew from Parties for Pennies

  5. Well we do a lot of parties at home and on the cheap and yes, they are usually better than the paid entertainers that come out for such things. However one that wasn't cheap but was very good was a reptile party which was truly spectacular. This kids held the animals and learnt a lot at the same time. A word of warnin g however is that not all companies that do childrens parties with snakes and crocodiles and things let the kids hold the animals, so check out several companies before settling on any one.
    All the best


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