Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Using Plates as Wall Decor

I'm always on the lookout for Unique Decorating Ideas (for those eventual room makeovers!). I love that the ideas in today's post can work in the kitchen and other rooms in my home! With a few busy days going on at my grandmother's, I asked Erin from Two Story Cottage if she'd share a post here today. Lucky for me, she agreed!

Please help me welcome Erin!


Hello, to my fellow Serenity Now readers. When Amanda asked me to guest post, I did the happy dance.  I'm a long-time follower so appearing on her blog is a real treat. I write at Two Story Cottage where I chronicle my adventures in home decorating. We recently moved {again} so I'm in my element.

I'm currently working on my daughter's room. Lacey loves to bake so I included a fun display of "recipe" plates over her bed.

Easy, cheap, original decor. Plates aren't just for the kitchen anymore. (Pretend that didn't rhyme).
Plates as Bedroom Wall Decor

I've also got plates in my dining room.  I decoupaged these with scrapbook paper to blend with the decor.
Using Plates as Wall Decor in the Dining Room

And here they are again in the dining room at my old house.  Same plates, different set-up:
Dining Room Decorating Ideas

My newest plate obsession is from the clearance section at West Elm.  I'm spelling out "R-E-I-D" in my son's room.

Oh, and hanging them is easy with plate hangers from Garden Ridge, Hobby Lobby, or Michael's. I can't hang too many more plates because I don't want to become the crazy plate lady.

Have you decorated with plates in your home?

Thank you, Amanda, and I can't wait to meet at the Haven Conference in June.


Big thanks to Erin for being willing to share her ideas here today! I am in love with those gorgeous blue-gray walls in the dining room. She has a beautiful home, and a blog full of inspiring projects. Please be sure to stop by Two Story Cottage and let Erin know I sent you!


  1. I hung some pretty blue plates in my laundry room. I love them! I got those plates hangers from Hob Lob that stick on to the back of the plate. Easy peasey and very secure.

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  3. I have a vision in my mind to decorate with plates in the kitchen but still haven't found the ones I really like.

  4. I haven't but I'm going to now!

  5. That is soo cool! Thanks for sharing such neat idea!

  6. The recipe plates are so original! I *just* started decorating with plates on the wall too. I love the different things you can do with them & change a look so easily with them. :-)

  7. Thanks, Amanda, for letting me post! :) Thanks everyone for the kind words! You can find good plates anywhere! Pier1 has esecially nice ones. Target, Goodwill, World Market, and antique shops are also good options. The list goes on...

  8. Great guest post! I'm now following Erin on fb. Her daughter's room is adorable. =)

    ~ Catie

  9. Erin is awesome. Amanda is awesome. Erin and Amanda will meet at Haven and become fast friends. That is my prediction.

  10. And I totally forgot to actually say something about Erin's post.

    Erin, I LOVE plates as wall decor. And those plates that you decoupaged I really love!!


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