Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hair Bow Maker!

If you have little girls, or know someone who has little girls, or if you ever were a little girl, you know that hair accessories are a big part of life. All it takes is one look at our Picture Frame Hair Bow Organizer and you know  the girls and I are hair bow junkies. The problem is that hair bows can be pricey! When a rep from The Ribbon Retreat asked if I'd like to try out their Hair Bow Maker and Bow Making Instructions, I readily agreed.
How to Make a Stacked Hair Bow Serenity Now blog

Several years ago, I ordered a set of bow making instructions from eBay, and I found all the pictures and words hard to follow. The fact that The Ribbon Retreat's instructions come with a CD-ROM of pdf and video instructions was so so helpful! It was 100% easier for me to stick the CD into my laptop and run the video as I worked with the supplies.

I chose a fun "Gumball Blast" ribbon mix to work with (they have dozens of fun sets, many in Gymboree colors) and simply followed the video to work with the bow maker and create a simple boutique bow. I've tried and tried to make one before, but the ribbon just seems to loop around my fingers and make a big mess. 

The bow maker (plus a handy clothes pin) made it so much easier! It's a sturdy little platform, and you use two dowels, plugging them in at various spots, depending on the bow you want to make. Genius!

After I finished the boutique bow, I started playing with the other ribbon patterns and decided to layer them up. I took a peek at the instruction pdf and used them as a general guide for ideas. 

I can't show you a step-by-step since the instructions are a paid item, but I can show you some snap shots of the process. This is what I came up with!

My first "client" seems happy enough!

I'll be using the Hair Bow Maker again for sure to make fun accessories for my girls. It would make a wonderful gift paired with the instructions for a creative mom you know! Thanks to The Ribbon Retreat for letting me have fun testing out your supplies.

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*I received the bow making supplies from the Ribbon Retreat, but was not financially compensated for this post. All opinions are my own. 


  1. I have just started making my own bows... it's addicting!!

  2. Adorable! Now you can make coordinated bows for each outfit your girls wear.

  3. Fun! Your daughter is so cute!

  4. Gah! My secret is out! Dang, their bow maker is way better quality now than when I bought it!

    Maybe it's time for an upgrade?

  5. And p.s. your bow is super duper cute!!

  6. What a cutie model! I'd best stay away from the bows though, because I know myself well enough that I'd go bow-crazy! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Very cute! Love the different ribbons together. And how fun that you could make perfectly coordinating bows for all times of the year. Do you think Henry needs bows? No? Something about mixing him up for life? ;)

  8. Super cute, and I really love the colors!

  9. What a cool tool!! I've always wondered the best way to make these expensive looking bows! I might need to try that! Thanks for sharing! :)

  10. Cute bows!!!


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