Monday, April 16, 2012

Free and Fast Lamp Makeover

Operation Family Room Update is still in the works! I thought I'd share "phase 2" with you guys today (phase 1 being the new coffee table) because this is definitely an ongoing process. I'm in love with my new-old lamps, and the makeover was easy as pie. The best part didn't cost me a dime!

T went to help his grandmother move into a new home last weekend, and when they heard the girls and I were on the road to IKEA for new lamps, they offered me two matching ones from Grandmommy's living room. I think that T's generosity in bringing the lamps home was mostly motivated by the desire to keep me from spending any money at IKEA.

He texted me a photo of the lamps, and I agreed that they would work really well in the room.

My original plan was to pick up a pair of glass lamps from IKEA, but at $59.99 per lamp, T's option was a much better choice! Brass wasn't the finish I wanted, but you guys know I've never been afraid of a little spray paint.

I've actually never spray painted a lamp before this project; can you believe it? It was definitely as easy as everyone says it is, and I won't be scared to try a little spray paint action on other light fixtures from now on.

My spray paint of choice lately is Krylon's Dual Paint and Primer (this post is not sponsored, but I like to give a shout-out when I love a product!). It gives really great coverage, and a smooth finish. I had to do several coats because I ended up working on a windy day (blech), but I was so pleased with the finished products! I opted for black paint this time....

First, I sanded each lamp down a bit with some sandpaper, and cleaned them off really well. Then I taped off the top of the lamps, the switches, and the top part of the cords with painter's tape. After several coats of the Krylon, this is what I had:

The lamps were missing the protective covering under their bases, so I traced them and cut out circles of posterboard to keep them from scratching surfaces. The posterboard was adhered with a quick line of hot glue:

T brought the shades home along with the lamps too. I may opt for drum shades later on, try to recover them in a fun fabric, or add some ribbon or something for embellishment. But for now, I'm enjoying a nice, clean look!

I can't wait to show you phase 3 in Operation Family Room Update...I'm rolling along with my 2012 Home Goals, and the space is slowly coming together. It already feels homier, and more "me."

I don't mind sharing little updates with you guys, because I know many of you are also on budgets in this tough economy. We can't all afford to run out to our favorite stores and pick up new furniture or accessories on a whim. And I refuse to put things on a credit card and go into debt to impress other people. If there's one thing I've learned from blogging, it's that repurposing thrifty finds can really make you think outside the box and be more creative.

Cost of Lamps: Free
Cost of Supplies: Free (had on hand)
Cost of having a Family room I feel more comfortable in: Priceless

Have you completed any thrifty makeovers lately?

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  1. I did the dame thing with a couple of brass lamps - both floor lamps and pretty heavy. made a HUGE difference. And I totally agree that the less money you have to spend, the more creative you must be! You know, you could always embellish the shades with a little trim and call it a day - instead of buying new shades. I like that simple clean, look, though. They look great!

  2. Wow...I love these! A great transformation...good job:)

  3. Beautiful! What a difference that paint coat makes, I love the curves on those lamps. I have a brass pair of candle stick holders that I got for 25 cents at a yard sale a few summers back that I've been dying to spray paint but wasn't sure how it would adhere to brass. Thanks for the inspiration, I have a project to get to now! :-)

  4. They look great...I think I will try this :)

  5. Those lamps look awesome Amanda! I may need to get some of that spray paint because those look like they came from the store black! I have been doing a lot of DIY stuff for the Airstream trying to keep our costs as low as possible. Right now I'm working on fabric covered roller shades which are WAY cheaper than any other kind of window covering!

  6. We recently refinished and painted our dining room table I found for $20 at a yard sale. It's amazing what a little paint can do. Your lamps look great! ‎

  7. I just love finding something free that I can either reuse or restyle - it like a little high!

    I found two bird pictures on heavy linen paper at a estate sale for $5.00 each - framed them - and have now used them in two different rooms. Just showed them in my post today.

    Love the lamps! Missi

  8. Lookin' good! I love the shape of the lamps.. and black was a great choice to paint them. The option for shades could be endless. Personally, I love the drum shade look! :)

  9. The power of spraypaint!!! They look great!

  10. great lamps, they look awesome...I stumbled upon your blog while hopping around, I am also from name is Teresa, it is nice to meet you. Have a wonderful week!

    enjoy *~*

  11. So much better! Thanks for the reminder that I need to revamp a couple of my old lamps. Amazing what a little paint can do. Can't wait to see the entire family room update!

  12. I love thrifty makeovers! Your lamps look wonderful--and what a great price! You just can't beat free. :)

    I've been bad about blogging but very busy actually doing some projects. I finally wrote about one today--I need to get caught up on taking photos and actually post about some of my stuff!

  13. Gorgeous! How delicious is the shape of those lamps!

  14. These turned out awesome!!! And free?? EVEN better!!! I love a good spray paint makeover!

  15. Great transformation. I'm looking to spray paint an lamp I've had, and hated, for years. It was given to us and I can not wait to paint it. The weather just needs to warm up so I can do it. Apparently it's Spring everywhere, but Calgary! lol

    I'm just catching up on my blog reading so you might get another comment from me tonight. ; )

    ~ Catie

  16. Free is a good thing! I really like the way you transformed these with paint. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your family room updates.

  17. Such pretty, curvy lamps. I love thier shape! They look fab in the new color, and I'm kinda wishing I could find some just like them. Love the price, too!


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