Monday, February 6, 2012

New Coffee Table (Family Room Update)

True to my Home Goals for 2012, I am slowly but surely updating my family room. Today's update isn't earth-shattering, but I am very much enjoying the new look. I got a new coffee table during my last IKEA shopping trip, and I finally had T put it together for me a couple of weeks ago:

Here's a shot of the family room "Before":

The old coffee table (pictured above) was part of a matching set I purchased when we bought the house, our first. We were just out of college and I didn't really know my style or what I liked, so I picked something that looked traditional to me. The set started feeling dated, and the lack of storage options wasn't working for me, so I started hunting for something new.

Like many of you, I was limited by my budget and a small room.

My friend Christy and I spotted the "Smadal" coffee table in white on one of our IKEA ventures, and at $69.99, it was a great bargain. Because I found a nick on one board and it was the last one left, the customer service rep gave it to me for $49.99!

I am aware, as T later bitterly pointed out, that it is made of particle board and is not an heirloom piece. But I wasn't looking for an heirloom piece...I was looking for something cute that fit my budget. I like that I can easily replace it in a few years without feeling bad for wasting a lot of money. Is my husband the only one out there who has a hard time with change, particularly when it comes to furniture?

Family room "After":

The white looks fresher to me, and I love the shelves for storage! I have enjoyed the emptiness for a couple of weeks, but we have stuff and the stuff needs a place to stay. I'm going to be on the lookout for a low/wide wood crate or basket for the lowest shelf. It will be a nice spot for magazines or extra books.

The scale isn't perfect for the furniture, but the room/traffic flow really can't handle a large piece. With kids running around, I wanted to minimize the chances of someone bonking their head while playing/running/skipping/jumping/somersaulting through.

Don't worry, I have plans for the end tables and lamps. I know the banjo is probably too "country" looking for many readers' tastes, but it belonged to my dad, so it's very special to me. I'll be keeping it in this room, but it will move to a different spot.

It's sometimes hard for me to take the plunge and try new things. It's easy to get stuck in a rut and leave the decor as-is because that's the way it's always looked. But I feel so much better with even this small change!

Operation Family Room is underway!

{Have you made any updates to your decor lately?}

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  1. I haven't made any big changes lately, but I started out changing things up a couple of years ago. They had been fine, just fine, the way they were, but I thought that a little change here and there would be nice - and fresh. I was right! But as you know, one small change leads to another...I like your new coffee table. Looks so much more functional. And the white is nice. Can't wait to see what you do with the rest...(:

  2. Looks like OFR is going strong! I like your new coffee table. Isn't it great to have a fresh piece? I think you're smart for not worrying about having heirloom pieces right now. Isn't it better to have a piece that can withstand anything the kids can dish out and keep going strong? Plus the white gives you all kinds of options--a perfect place for mixing up all kinds of different styles, according to what feels good to you at the time!

  3. Love your new coffee table. We are in need of some living room changes this year!!!

  4. The white does look fresh! Being able to change pieces out without being married to them mainly because of their hefty price tag is 1 of the many reasons I LOVE thrifting. Even if I was a rich gal I would still be out there looking for the best least I would like to hope I would.

    Kendra aka "Domestic Princess in Training"

  5. I like the table!! Very nice!! It is amazing how one little change can make a room feel better. And all the shelves for storage will come in handy!

  6. I love the idea of adding baskets to it. It will really help to weight the piece of furniture down and help it look bigger than it is.

  7. I think it looks great Amanda!

    I remember when you hung the banjo there!

    I am trying valiantly to get my basement finished and some of my rooms updated! I have house-guests coming this summer!

  8. I think the coffee table looks great!! I love the banjo, particularly if it holds sentiment! If your husband (or you!) is handy, you may want to consider some of the awesome plans that Anna White has on her web site. Then your husband can have an "heirloom" piece and you can have the affordability! I've been doing a lot of updating too, seems like it's that time of year.

  9. I like the new coffee table! Ours is one a friend gave us for free, I think it is from the 70s or 80s? It is in good shape though and we're on a budget so I have no plans of getting a new one anytime soon!

  10. Your new table is really cute! I am bad about getting stuck with my decor too. My bedroom is stuck right now. I bought new bedding a few months back but that was as far as I got with redoing the room:)

  11. I think it looks great! I love small changes that can make me so happy!

    I also think the old coffee table could be pretty somewhere else, maybe with a coat of paint? =)

  12. That is a great update! The white really opens up the space, and the added storage will be great! I'm still slowly but surely making my way through the Living Room makeover!

  13. I love the new coffee table. The white really does freshen up the look of the room. Have fun with the redecorating project. Can't wait to see what you do. Even just one little change like the table can make it feel all new again :)

  14. Love the table. I haven't seen that one at IKEA yet.

    I have so many projects that I am currently paralyzed by the idea of the time and financial effort it would take to accomplish them. I've made a list to divide it all up, but I'm stuck. Surely I'll take the plunge soon.

    Can't wait to see the other changes you make as the room evolves!

  15. Oh, it's so fresh and clean looking, I love it! Leave it to IKEA to give your space a mini makeover, fantastic!

  16. Looks great Amanda! The white looks so crisp & clean & I can't believe the deal you got on it! Bravo :-) I can't wait to make my trip to Ikea later this spring to get my new sofa table. :-)

  17. Your new coffee table coordinates so nicely with your sofa and it's great that it offers so much storage. This piece looks like something that could work in another room if you ever get tired of it in your living room. I think you made a great choice!

  18. Great update, Amanda! I love the tray and the little shelves. Great for baskets and other things. I'm excited to see the rest of the updates :)

  19. I love your makeover, and I love Ikea. This looks great!

  20. Your new table looks so nice. Amazing how "small" things make a big difference, great job. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Hi!

    I'm visiting from Thrifty Decor Chick's blog. I think the new coffee table with storage is the perfect size for your furniture and the room, and the white lightens things up. Isn't it amazing how a piece of wood furniture can change the entire character of a room? I find your room much more sophisticated looking now, and yet still a little bit country/a little bit eclectic casual. The banjo should stay somewhere in the room, highlighted in a special way, if you opt to move it from over the sofa at some point. It's a piece that has history and means a lot to you, and so it should be show-cased!

  22. That looks much better already! It's fun to realize what your style really is and to start changing things to match it!

  23. I've had my eye on that same table. I'm going to IKEA tomorrow and it may have to come home with me. Of course then Han Solo will pull himself up on it and bonk his little head and I'll feel awful.

  24. The white table really opens up and brightens your room! I LOVE it! I'm trying to finish up my woman cave/craft area. Hopefully soon!


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