Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Quick Tip Tuesday: How I use my Giftcard for Freebies

I'm taking a break from crafts and DIY today to share a tip that's too good for you to miss. Want to know how you can use a Starbucks gift card to earn free stuff? I shared a pic of my Starbucks free birthday drink coupon on my Facebook fan page, and a readers wanted to know how in the world I got the coffee giant to send me something for f-r-e-e. This is absolutely not a sponsored post...I just thought I'd share my (not-so-secret) secret with you guys! Who else loves a good tip?

My friend Christy is the queen of coupons and free stuff and general bargain shopping. We are also frequent fliers at our local Starbucks, and she told me I absolutely had to start using a reloadable gift card to pay for my purchases. 

Um, why? I wanted to know.

It turns out that when you register a Starbucks gift card online (any old Starbucks gift card should do), the 'Bucks will track your purchases and send you coupons or vouchers for free drinks! You also get a coupon for a free drink when your birthday rolls around, which is what I treated myself to yesterday. 

Once you have spent all your money reached a certain "status" level, you get a special gold card with your name on it. Mine is one of most prized possessions. Okay, not really, but it is handy. And so very shiny and golden. I can get flavors added to my mocha for free (peppermint, anyone?) and I earn free drinks after I've purchased a certain number.

I can also reload my card through PayPal, which helps me keep track of how much I am spending. 

The best part about it is that there's no extra cost to use your card. It's money I'd be spending anyways if I was buying a mocha on to go. 

I really don't like the taste of coffee, and maybe you don't either. I prefer cafe mochas, but they also have tasty frappucinos and hot chocolate, chai lattes, etc. Michaela Byrd is a very big fan of the iced lemon pound cake. All of those purchases count towards your "points" for free stuff.

So, nothing earth-shattering or excessively creative here today. I just thought I'd share a handy tip...if I'm gonna spend money at Starbucks or Panera Bread (another fave!), I like to get free stuff!

What's your favorite place to get a treat?


  1. Yep I really like the lemon cake!

    Didn't know you could use a gift card like that, I will give it a shot! Thanks. :)

  2. Michaela is a girl after my own heart, the iced lemon pound cake is my absolute favorite at Starbucks. I have a registered card through Starbucks but I never use it, I probably should keep reloading for freebies since I go there so often. I looooove Panera's freebies, I use that card a lot too. :-)

  3. Neat! I only do Starbucks probably four times a year, so I think it might take me a while to get that gold card:)

  4. A few additional tips!! For every purchase, you get one star. 15 stars = 1 free beverage. If you buy more than one item, ring them up separately. Each purchase (not items in a purchase) counts towards a star. Plus, they send you offers throughout the year. I got 30% off beverage cups at the holidays, sometimes a free pastry or treat, plus the birthday drink. It's totally worth it to register! So even if you don't drink coffee, it might be worth it :) No affiliation with Starbucks, just an avid coffee drinker!

  5. I never would have had any idea about this, Amanda, so I'm glad you shared the tip!

    I'm late in wishing you a happy birthday. I was out of town this weekend and have gotten behind on several things. I hope you had wonderful day! (It was Saturday, right? Nice to have a weekend birthday!)

  6. My husband treats his Starbucks Gold Card like he has the Black AMEX that only the super duper rich and or celebs get granted... So it's kind of funny when we pull up to Starbucks and he whips out the Gold card - lol.... another advantage we found to benefit us is that we use our Southwest Airlines Visa card to reload so we get more Rapid Rewards points and rack up miles as we would have anyways... so we are getting 2 benefits out of this deal! PS - I did not think to do separate purchases... I am going to start doing that now.. get more freebies faster :-) Fave drunk is a Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte :)

  7. I have to share! I've been a gold card holder for a couple years now and I *just* learned that you earn a star by a purchase, regardless of the # of coffees on a single ticket. SO, when you run by Starbucks for your daily fix and pick up an extra drink for your hubby, daughter or friend, ring them up seperately so they'll both count instead of just one! Does that make sense? I hadn't realized this but the barista just shared that with me this morning--maybe because we've really gotten to know each other? LOL Here I thought all those extra drinks counted. :o( If someone has heard differently, let me know but she swore that's how it's done.
    Because there is a Starbucks in my grocery store, I can use a reloadable gift card to the grocery store to load up my gold card. 5% of the $ I use from the groc store card goes to my church--but can be any participating charity. Love doubling-up!

  8. I've been a gold member for years. Love it! It used to be only 10 stars=free coffee, which of course I get the biggest most expensive coffee they have when I have the free coupons. Did you also know you get free refills on drip coffee and free refills on tea (iced as well)? You can work this and get what you want with all of your add ins too. Love it!

  9. One other tip.... If you already have a membership to the Starbuck's rewards program and someone gives you a gift card as a birthday gift, get the cashier to transfer the balance on to your registered card so you get the points! Whoop whoop!! Thanks to all that mentioned the "per purchase" tip....totally did not realize it worked that way!

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  11. Just got my free birthday drink yesterday. I think it's awesome that I can get any size and type of drink. I went for a decaf caramel frapp. Yummy!


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