Thursday, April 19, 2012

Project Sneak Peek and Martha Stewart "Haul" Video

If the weather will cooperate with a good spray painting afternoon (hi, no garage at my house), I will have a really cute Mother's Day project to share with you all on Monday morning. The wonderfully generous people from Plaid sent me a box of craft goodies from their Martha Stewart line. I wanted to share a "haul" video and to get some suggestions of more things you guys think would be fun to make. (You'll notice that Miss Emma the Pomeranian never misses a chance to be on-camera!)

Here's a shot of the beautiful products Ms. Martha sent. I've always loved her sophisticated color theme and the way everything coordinates so seamlessly. It was like Christmas when the box showed up on my front steps!

Here's the quick video I shot on my old point and shoot camera. (You may need to turn the volume up a bit, or click over to the blog if you are reading from an email subscription or reader) If you've ever been down the "Martha" aisle in the craft store, you know that she has an amazing gadget or tool for just about everything:

Totally amateur video, I know...sorry! It wasn't rehearsed or planned. I kind of decided at the last minute that a video would be fun to do. Isn't Emma the best on-camera helper ever? (typed with mock sincerity) I think she was disappointed that Martha didn't send any dog goodies! I, however, am thrilled with the haul, and would love suggestions for new crafts to try!

I promised a sneak peek of my project. Can you guess what I'm making? (wink)

Check back in on Monday for a cute Mother's Day project!

Do you have a favorite Martha Stewart craft product or one you'd like to try?


  1. LOVE the video! Such a great idea for sharing all of your goodies. ENJOY!!

  2. So nice to hear your voice! That's an amazing box of Marthalicious goodies for sure! Can't wait to see what you create! ~ Kim @ Sand & Sisal

  3. I received a bag of goodies (different from yours) and can't wait to see what you come up with. I went into a crafting frenzy and did so many projects! I am super excited for Mother's Day so I can share all the fun with my mom.

    Hmmmm... I can't decide, but that little sneak peek ALMOST looks like a plate...

  4. Love your video!! You're too cute


  5. Hehehe, Emma's face was priceless! :-) Loooove all the loot you have, can't wait to see what you make! I'm giddy with excitement! :-D

  6. You got so much great stuff! I can't even imagine all the awesome craft you are going to make with all that stuff! The glitter paint is going to be so fun:) And how cool is the spray paint kit thing!

  7. Well aren’t you just the lucky girl! I had no idea Martha had a mini sprayer for her paints! Hello Michael's coupon...I'm getting one of those asap.

    Have any little trees out back that you could cut down? I've seen people cut thin disks of wood for coaster. I bet it would look awesome if you burned in a saying, word or design. Or what about burn designs on a wooden chair or kids table and then adding a layer of paint or stain.

    Stenciled curtains are in too!

    Have fun! Can’t wait to see what you come up with…

  8. Amazing stuff! That will keep you busy for a while! My favorite thing of hers that I've gotten is the embossing gun- makes everything look like it was done by a pro! I love everything she makes though.

  9. WOW so many awesome goodies! Can't wait to see what you will be creating ! Have fun!

  10. Oh nice!!! You got all kinds of fun stuff!!! Excited to see what you come up with! :)

  11. Aren't you lucky? I couldn't believe how much stuff you pulled out of that box when I watched your video.

    One idea I have for you is to get some webbing used to make belts and then stencil it with one of the cute stencils you received. Sew on two D rings and you have a cute belt. You might also try using the tool to make any of the MS paints spray paint and spray paint the webbing a color. You could even tape it off and make a multicolored belt.

    I know you are going to have fun with this. I'd be in hog heaven if I received it!

  12. It was nice to hear your voice! :) I love how you showed everything in the video....I would just about die if someone ever sent me that!!! Hello heaven :) Looking forward to your creation(s).


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