Sunday, March 14, 2010

Thrifty Treasures: Oh, it's back, Baby!

One of my favorite blog parties is back! Rhoda decided to start up her Thrifty Treasures party again as a way for bloggers to showcase the amazing finds they've found over the week.

Blizzards have made for some very unfriendly yard sale weather here in my part of Virginia, but I do have a few thrifty finds to share with you over the coming weeks.

My MOPS group held its annual yard sale during our last meeting, and I almost shouted with glee when I came across this:

I've been wanting this game ever since I spotted it at Target a couple of months ago. It doesn't take a genius to check my blog out and see that I was/am a huge Seinfeld fan. What a pleasant surprise to be able to put it in my bag on Thursday for a fraction of the retail cost! The sale was $5 for a grocery sack stuffed as full as you wanted.

Now I just need someone to play it with me. I promise it won't turn out like this:

Come back next week for a preview of the rockin' deals I found recently on Spring wardrobes for my girlies!
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  1. It's just about yard sale season in our parts and there are sure to be many great things to be found.

    I don't know one thing about Scene It, but I hope you have fun playing it.

    I found two planters that I collect for a really cheap price yesterday and it made me so happy. Thrifting is kind of addicting!

  2. What a deal! I remember giving one of my kids that for Christmas and I didn't get it for $5 along with whatever else I could put in my bag! Good deal!


  3. Sam will play with you! Last deployment he watched every single episode of Seinfeld. I'm looking for a thrifty treasure - a non-polka dotted, non-animal baby bag. Keep your eye out!

  4. Amanda,
    What a great deal you got here...come by and show it off at my NIFTY THRIFTY TUESDAYS PARTY!


  5. Yes yard and thrift sales are almost upon us!! Woohoo!
    Great deal you got there!

  6. Wow - that game looks really fun! I love Seinfeld too - great show!

    Can't wait to see the rest of your thrifty goodies!


  7. Hi Amanda. It's Crystal from the old Olive blog. I hope you are doing well. I've really missed you girl. It's good to be back.

  8. So glad yard sale season is back and you found something you were looking for.

  9. I got this game for Craig for Christmas (at a thrift store!) and we were just playing it the other night with some friends. It was so funny, but also a little disturbing how we knew pretty much every one. (Have we really watched it that many times?)

  10. that would be so much fun to play! we used to have game nights with our kids before they had children. now, they spend all their time chasing after them & changing diapers. guess it'll be a few more years before we can get back to "scene it".

    have a great week!

  11. Sweet deal! Thanks for stopping by to see me!

  12. Hey, Amanda! Glad y'all are fired up about the party coming back. I'm happy to do it.

    Great deal on the game. I was a Seinfeld fan too.

  13. Looks like a fun game night up ahead for you! Enjoy

  14. Our yard sale season has started here in TX! Oh JOY!!!

    I have found some of the most awesome clothes for the kids at yard sales. I can't wait to see what you found. Sadly, my Miss Mae has gotten old enough to be kinda picky about her clothes, and I don't think she'll be getting any more garage sale clothes. At least she still enjoys hand-me-downs.

  15. My husband and I would love this. In fact, it's probably good that I've never come across this, because we'd probably want to play it at every party and all our friends would hate us. haha

  16. Great find and the game is cool, too. I've been checking for the return of the party and was excited to see the news here. Have a blessed week!

  17. Awesome find! I would not win, but would have a blast playing with you!


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