Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Most Fortuitous Discovery

The bad thing about cleaning out the "junk basket" in the kitchen sideboard is that it takes away from the time I could be doing something more important, like watching Project Runway on DVR.

But every so often, my hard work yields important results.

Exhibit A:

An anniversary card, circa 2005. From T. To me.

It reads, "Yadda Yadda Yadda...Present this card to redeem 1 room's worth of fancy crown molding (labor and materials included)."

Oh, really?

Exhibit B:

Dining room, circa March, 2010. Fancy crown molding suspiciously absent. (Avert your eyes from the hideous popcorn ceiling. I know.)

I seem to recall a recent argument in which I insisted that he did indeed promise me crown molding in the dining room as an anniversary gift one year.

Now I have the evidence. And I have wisely hidden it so that it does not fall into the wrong hands or the sticky fingered clutches of a two year with a crayon. I know that T forces some of the poor guys at work to read this blog (hi, Travis and Mike) as spies to see what I am up to. I don't suppose I need to say much more.

Except to say that anniversary #9 is coming up in August. I want crown molding. And something shiny.

The End.
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  1. You are so funny.

    Now we're all going to be cleaning out our junk drawers, seeing what we can find!

    Good luck with the crown molding. I think you're going to get it!

  2. Bonus! I think that fortuitous is one of my favorite words. If I can actually spell it. haha

    You know, my dad recently purchased a house and had all of the popcorn ceilings removed professionally. I'm sure it was costly and I know it was super messy.

    Hope you get your crown molding.

  3. That is awesome! I am off to check my stashes of papers and junk!

  4. Jackpot! That is awesome and there's no way he can get out of it now! : )

  5. Haha, this made me laugh. You're so funny! All men are exactly the same I guess. I thought there was some hope :)

  6. HA! well, maybe you can just remind him how much money he saved by not buying you an anniversary gift that year... that's how my husband & i justify our purchases. "this will be our christmas/anniversary/birthday/valentine's day gift to each other!"
    i think we're covered for a few years- paying 2 mortgages for 9 months is a lot of gifts to each other!
    happy wednesday-

  7. oh, and don't apologize for the popcorn ceiling! i know it's not your favorite, but in the larger scheme of things it's not a glaring problem. plus, it's evidence of a nice dry roof over your head! : )

  8. HAHA! Yessss!!! You better get it girl! Dont go down w/out a fight! :-D

  9. Well, regarding that popcorn ceiling...I have them too and I know how horrible they are. In our bathroom project, we decided to scrape the ceiling. Mr. Sahm didn't know that you were supposed to get it wet, then scrape it, he just used the scraper thing we bought at Home Depot- dry. It left a little bit of stuff up there. We didn't sand or anything, we just did two coats of ceiling paint and it looks awesome! So, if you are ready for a mess, you can do it yourself pretty cheap. It's not perfect, but it's better than popcorn, for sure. But I agree with Rachel, it's not the most glaring thing. Mostly it kinda blends in.

  10. I had a great comment in my brain, and then I was distracted by thoughts of shiny things...

  11. I never knew that the traditional gift for the 4th wedding anniversary was crown molding!

    Glad you found the card, so you have the proof you need. :)

  12. Don't ya just love it when you actually have evidence that you were right all along? I do! Good luck on your crown!

    As far as the popcorn ceiling goes, at least it matches your color in the room. My house was painted that horrible flat taupe color everywhere - walls and ceilings. Now our living room is gold, but the ceiling is still taupe because it runs into the hall which I haven't painted yet (we ran out of time and decided the dining/kitchen was more pressing). So, at least your walls/ceilings have the correct color combination.

  13. I lived in an apartment for 8 years that had those ceilings (when I was a kid I mean). My mother HATED them - but it was a rental - so no changing them. I agree that you need that crown molding. That doorway with the corner pieces requires it.

  14. Wow! I think you have hit pay-dirt, Boy I would love to be a fly on your wall so I could see his face when you show him this one, Good luck!! Kathysue

  15. lol, this is funny! I hope you get your crown molding!

  16. This makes me laugh. You better redeem that baby!

    He did make it clear in the card that you must redeem the card for the moulding, so maybe he hoped you'd lose it. lol

  17. I love it!!! Proof in hand is always nice!! And very valuable!! With the added bonus of some bling as well! WooHoo!! Sounds like a wonderful anniversary is coming up!

  18. What a find! I don't think your 9th anniversary gift will be an IOU coupon book :)

  19. HAhaHA!! T is so busted.


  20. Promises, promises....
    I have an unfinished bookshelf in my basement, interestingly enough also from 2005.


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