Saturday, March 13, 2010

Erin Go Bragh, Or As Far Back as Will Take Me

Earlier this week, I received a lovely surprise in the mail from my friend, Richella.

I won a little giveaway over on her blog, and was excited to see the cutest little towels...decked out for St. Patrick's Day and Easter. She also included the sweetest personal note, and I liked the card so much that I am going to save it. It kind of goes with my memo board, so I think I might frame it!

The adorable shamrocks and polka dots have a new home in my kitchen because I still had the Valentine's Day ones up and the Easter ones are waiting for me to drag the Spring decor down from the attic next week.

As much as I love emails; notes and packages are the best! Thank you for your thoughtfulness, Richella!

All this talk about St. Patrick's Day has me thinking about Ireland, which has me thinking about my ancestry, which has me thinking about the FREE trial I mentioned yesterday. I'm wondering if I can trace my roots back to Ireland or England or France or Scotland (I'm pretty sure that's about as exotic as I get). 

I spent more hours than I care to admit to on the computer last night, researching various branches of my family tree. I found a lot of names, most of them I knew already...but I haven't found much before the early 1800s so far. 

I contacted and received a reply from a very nice gentleman who had posted a photo of my great-great-great grandmother on the site. I recognized her from other photos that my Nannie has. He sent me some information that I plan on looking at later on. It would be nice to have some details beyond birth and death records.

I'd love to ask her for some input, but I'm not sure how reliable my Nannie can be. She'll be 99 in May and adamantly claims that "the tractor came out of the ditch and hit her car." 

I think I'll be relying mostly on for this project. Many thanks to Mom in High Heels for alerting her readers to the site's special!

Is it "Erin Go Bragh" or "Vive La France" or "God Save the Queen" or should I go buy some bagpipes?

I'll let you know!

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  1. I get butterflies every time I get a package, even if I know what it is. Sure beats the bills in the box!!

    and I'm on the family history kick right now too, although I kind of know where mine comes from, I'm more curious about my husbands. So fun!

  2. Yay!!!! How exciting. I'm glad you found some stuff out. Isn't it cool to see where you come from? I have to say I've spent so much time on that I felt like I was growing roots into the sofa.

  3. What a fun package to receive! Very interesting about the ancestry. I'm curious to see what you find out.

  4. I'm really glad you liked the package. And isn't that notecard cute? I should have told you that those notecards were made by Amanda Scott of Imperfectly Beautiful.

    Digging into my ancestry would be interesting. . . it would be mostly God Save the Queen, followed by Erin Go Bragh, with a little "Cherokee Nation" thrown in for good measure. Yep, I'm 1/32 Cherokee. I'm sure you've noticed my incredible tan and black hair. :)

    I was so glad to see that Julia from Hooked on Houses featured your "manifesto." I was really hoping one of the "big" gals would pick it up. You said what needed to be said!! Good for you!!

  5. Love your package!! Those towels are delicious! As for what to say or do...I am all for hearing you play the bagpipes.

  6. Something about the way Erin go Bragh rolls off the tongue; what a silly silly phrase haha Happy St. Patty's day so so soon. Wish I was in Chicago to see the Green River this year!! :(

  7. Ooo I love me some packages! Love the loot! :)

    I wonder what my ancestry would be too? My maiden name is Smith and there's oh, about 100000000 billion of us. :)

    I noticed your blub on Hooked on houses too! Go girl go! I smiled big for you.. Maybe did a woot woot too, not sure.


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