Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Balemtimes Day!

Will you be my "Balemtime?"

Polly Pocket and doesn't get much better than that.

Off to Sunday School right now:

{Do you have special plans for today?}
I see some heart-shaped cookie baking in our future. 
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  1. How Cute Amanda- Love the matching dresses. :) We're planning to hang tight today, we're finally getting the ceilings done tomorrow, woohoo!

    Happy Valentines too

  2. Hi Amanda,
    Your girls are so cute! Nope, the old folks at the tidbit residence aren't doing anything special today. Lots has been going on lately in life, so we're going to enjoy a quiet (hopefully) day!

    Have a good one! ♥


  3. mmm I want those russell stovers! wrap michaela up and send her to me :-) oh yes and I gave you a blog award!

  4. Awww the girls look so cute in their matching dresses. We went to church last night but no matching outfits for my kids. They're too old for that. :( Today we're having lunch with my mom (Chinese food, thought we'd combine Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year hehe).

  5. So cute!

    No big plans here. We baked our heart-shaped cake and heart-shaped cookies on Friday. My husband brought me flowers on Friday, too.

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  6. What GORGEOUS girls you have. They look so pretty in their red dresses. I haven't even been able to get my kids out of their pajamas all day...
    Lindsey Petersen

  7. Amanda,
    Happy Balentine's Day ;) Cute pics of your sweet girls!

  8. How adorable!!! Happy Valentines Day Amanda :) I get crap legs for dinner tonight from my Mom!! Yayee! xx

  9. The girls are gorgeous!! Happy V-Day to you too!! Going to a dinner tonight!!

  10. Oh, Amanda, your girls are the cutest little things ever. I love that sweet picture of the two of them on the steps in their matching dresses. You should frame that! You are a lucky lady to be blessed with your sweet girls.

  11. The girls are just adorable! Love the red dresses for Vday.

  12. Adorable dresses. The pictures with the flowers were so cute. Thanks for the icing tip!


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