Sunday, February 7, 2010


For no reason other than you have to choose one:
Unless it's a team I really like, I'll spend the minutes during the game flipping through a magazine (or chasing the girls around the house).

I like the commercials.

Whoever you're cheering for, may your snacks be tasty, your sodas be fizzy, your cable in service, and the Bud Light plentiful.

"I love you, man."

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  1. Sadly, we don't get the commercials because AFN isn't allowed to air them (it's against the German laws). BOO! That's the main reason to watch the game. Also, it doesn't come on until 12:30am here. It's going to be a long night. And I just have to say GEAUX SAINTS!

  2. Woo hoo, that's right, go Colts! I'm already wearing my Peyton #18 jersey... and DH is at the store buying the beer!

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  3. I have to gently diagree....Go Saints! We have a little loyalty here.

    Also, we gave you an award if you want to come over and check it out.


  4. I know nothing about football except that my dad and brothers would disown me if I said a word against the Redskins, but Harry is from nola so go Saints! Thank God my hubby had the foresight to buy the beer and junk food before it started snowing! Have fun!

  5. I actually know who is playing this year for once. I could care less about who wins! My friend and I are decorating Valentine's cookies while the game is on. We're having nachos and bbq to go with the cookies.

    Enjoy the evening.

  6. Hey, I'm FROM La. so you know who I would want to win, if I DID indeed care who wins......I'm just looking for a nice time...what every girl wants,right??? ;D


  7. Sitting in my Colts hat and sweatshirt crying bitter tears.

    Ah, well, the Saints played a great game, I respect them greatly. Still wanted to win, but if we had to lose, I'm ok with it being this way.



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