Sunday, February 7, 2010

Decorating Dilemmas: Coming Up!

Mark your calendars, friends!
I can't tell you how many emails from bloggers I get after the MckLinky for this party closes saying they forgot/didn't have time to post/just found the blog, etc. but really really wanted to participate. 

This is your official reminder to start looking around your house for an area you'd like to have some feedback on. 

Do you have an empty space over your buffet that you're just not sure how to fill? Is your bedding boring? Have pictures of your empty patio from last summer and you want some ideas for how to make it a livable space? 

Take a photo or two, write up a quick post detailing what you'd like some help with, and add a link to me within your post. Then link up here at Serenity Now and party! Make some visits and leave a suggestion or two for a few bloggy friends, and you should receive the same in turn. 

You can go here to view the last party if you are new to this blog.

Don't have a Dilemma? Then I'll bet you have a Solution to share! Have you found a way around a pesky design problem? Please feel free to link that up as well.

The party will go live after 10 pm on Tuesday, February 9th (provided I still have power!!), and the MckLinky will stay open all day on Wednesday. That's one day of partying! Partygoers are encouraged to visit other links.

Note: The party will only be open for a day. I found that people who link up earlier tend to receive more comments, and after about a day bloggers move on to the next party. This will be short and SWEET! If you can't make it this time, plan on coming to party for the next round.

After you've had a chance to put some thought  into your Dilemma, come back in March to link up for the "Show Me the Progress" Party on Wednesday, March 10th. I want to see how you took a Dilemma and made it Delightful. (I count "progress" as anything from reading your comments and deciding what you like to the actual transformation)

Hope to see you partying with me here! 
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  1. Fun, fun parties coming up!!! Hope you are surviving the snow storm and bowl game!!! ;D


  2. Just loved this post... coming from SITS. Random, but are you going to Bloggy Boot Camp in Baltimore?

  3. I'm working on something for both parties. Thanks for hosting these, they are fun!


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