Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Warning: Highly Addictive Christmas Treat Recipe!

Disclaimer: The recipe in this post is highly addictive. You may be inclined to make multiple batches of this Christmas treat due to the simple, straight-forward, and quick manner in which it can be thrown together. You may be inclined to hide Tupperware bins of this tasty delight in your cupboards and tell your husband you gave it to the preschool teachers. You may notice your waistline expand after "sampling" several batches. Please don't send me Anonymous hatemail comments if this occurs. You can blame T's Aunt Millie because it's her recipe anyways.

One of the best things about T's family is that they know how to cook. Well.

Today, I thought I'd share a recipe for Chocolate Cracker Candy that T's Aunt Millie gave to me 8 years ago.

Don't click away yet! I was a little put off by the idea of using Saltine crackers in a Christmas treat, but when I tried it, I felt like maybe I was tasting a little bit of heaven.

This recipe is a quick fix! It's perfect to wrap up as a gift for preschool teachers, neighbors, or husbands who keep asking, "Isn't there any dessert around here?"

{Millie's Cracker Candy}
from: Millie T

~Approximately 40 Saltine Crackers (I grabbed the cheap-o Wal-Mart ones because they were on sale and I didn't notice the difference in the results)
~1 cup butter (DON'T be skimpy and use margarine...you will notice a difference, and it won't be a good one!)
~1 cup light brown sugar
~2 cups milk chocolate chips (I just use a whole bag because who wouldn't want more chocolate?)

Line a cookie sheet with aluminum foil and layer with Saltines. They don't have to be perfectly aligned. Some can overlap if necessary.

Combine butter and brown sugar. Boil in a small saucepan and stir for 3 minutes.

Pour mixture evenly over the crackers. I use a spoon or spatula to spread it if I need to.

Bake at 400 degrees F for 5 minutes. Immediately sprinkle with chocolate chips and let stand for about 30 seconds.

Spread with a spatula until it looks like this (even chocolate coverage):

Refrigerate 2 hours (I like to do it overnight). It does not need to be covered in the fridge.

Break into pieces and be sure to peel off any pieces of aluminum foil that might have stuck to the bottom.

Enjoy, or wrap in wax paper and package in a cute gift boxes to share! Easy peasy!

{Bon Appetit!}

It's Tasty Tuesday time! Visit the always fabulous Jen at Balancing Beauty and Bedlam to see what's cooking there! You won't be disappointed...there are always plenty of great recipes to choose from.

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  1. Found you at Big Mama's. I dig the jazzed up Saltine cracker. I've heard of it but not ever sampled it myself. I'll have to introduce you to my "Itty Bitties," which yield about the same degree of culinary expertise.

  2. Does that mean I'm getting some?! HURRAY!

    Susannah :)

  3. I LOVE this stuff. My friend gave me some one year and sprinkled it with chopped pecans--even MORE goodness! I am pretty sure my MIL and I ate the whole tin in one sitting. Hello, addiction. And I wonder where this cellulite came from...

  4. We call this "Caramel Crack" - well, the grownups do, not the kids. It's so good! And now, of course, I will need to make some :)

  5. I am stunned. I had some of this amazing candy/cookie just yesterday for the first time, at my Grandson's Kindergarten Concert.

    The Mom who made it wasn't in evidence, so I was unable to beg for the recipe. She used 'minty' chocolate chips and put some snowflake candy sprinkles on top. It was SOOOO good.


  6. I starred this in my reader! cant wait to try it

  7. Dropping by from SITS! Love the blog, it's so bright and cheery! That recipe is incredibly easy and you can't go wrong with chocolate in my book. I'll have to try it out, thanks!

  8. That looks great. I'm printing this to get the recipe. I LOVE easy recipes.

  9. I've made the recipe before and they're delicious!!!

  10. Haven't read your blogs lately. My lunch hour is so short for the internet but this recipe looks delicious and so easy so I'm going to give it a try. Have you tasted the recipe with club crackers, cooked syrup and almonds? (it too is easy and very good) Thanks.

  11. My mom used to make this at Christmas and I remember how delicious and addictive it was. I love recipes like this that are easy and don't take too many ingredients.

  12. I have an online friend who's family has been making this forever too! They call it "Christmas Crack" lol I love it!

  13. If I make this now, I won't be able to wear my jeans at Christmas... LOL It sounds scrumptious!

  14. Royal icing is easy , all I do is seperate egg whites , three and keep the egg whites in one bowl , toss the yolks, with a wire wisk I beat the egg whites and add a little powdered sugar a little at a time mixing well between additions of sugar until I get the right consistency , you can then add paste food coloring , and a touch of vanilla extract , that is it ...

  15. My aunt used to make this for us! Such a flash back! :-)

  16. Interesting, very interesting. I'm going to have to try it just to see. One of my favorite treats a friend made when I was growing up was "birdsnests" out of chow mein noodles and butterscotch chips and peanut butter and some other stuff. Love "repurposing" different foods.

  17. please don't bring that to MOPS!!! i love that stuff and will eat it ALL!!

  18. your gift of this stuff to me was the first taste I had of it and I'm in LOVE! OH MY WORD! That stuff IS addictive and the great thing is that it lasts forever (I'm still saving a piece and eating it one bite at a time) THANKS SO MUCH :)

  19. We made a batch last night. It has been several years and I had forgot just how sinfully delicious they are.


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