Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Christmas Supwise!

A Recent After-Preschool Conversation:

Me: Hey, Natalie, how was preschool today?

Natalie: Good! We made you a present, but I'm not supposed to tell you what it is. It's a supwise.

Me: Oh, well don't tell me, okay?

Natalie (without skipping a beat): It's something what you hang on the tree.

Turns out it was several of "something what you hang on a tree," lovingly wrapped in a hand-stamped white lunch bag.

Just might be my favorite gifts of 2009! I hope she retains her talent at keeping secrets through her teen years....

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  1. Haha, that's so cute! She did a great job w. her ornaments. Isn't neat that we made the same/similar ornaments in preschool?!

  2. Very cute surprises. Love the ice cicle decoration. Never seen it before. Tell Natalie she needs to make more and sell them. They would be cute hanging between your rooms from the woodwork.

  3. HAHAHA That's just too cute! I love little kids and their crafts :D

  4. Hi, Amanda. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I wanted to tell you about watercolor pencils. Have you tried them? You use them like regular pencils, then take a damp paintbrush and go over the pencil marks - turns into a watercolor. It's a great medium, until you're ready for paint. (You actually are, you just don't know it yet!)

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  6. How sweet!

    My kids were with me when i got hubbie bday present and they came home and gave him "hints" throw a frisbee in it, you play it at a park, it is what you wanted...we let him open the gift then lol

    HOWEVER they bought us gifts at the school santa store and have yet to tell us what they are...well they told me what dads are, and that one of mine is earrings...ok nevermind

  7. very cute! and she and hal share the ability to "keep" secrets.

  8. I love the ornaments! Love preschool, don't you?

  9. Awwwwwwwwww :) We just made the wreaths :)


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