Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Not-So-Merry Christmas Market

My friend Christy and I decided to meet up a couple of Saturdays ago and shop a little Boutique Christmas Market that was being held in one of the new alumni buildings of the local college.
Christy's husband was home so he was forced to he had the priviledge of staying home with their kids. T was lucky enough to dodge that bullet and go to work. I had to take Natalie and Michaela Byrd with me.

I should have known it would be "one of those mornings" when the girls threw a fit in the car when I went into Starbucks to get an order for Christy and myself. But I stupidly remained hopeful, and we headed up the hill to the boutique.

After we donated some money for a local children's charity (Natalie is placing an ornament with our name on the tree below), any goodwill on earth and peace that may have been with my oldest evaporated.

I had just payed for my ticket and walked in the door when she started in with the whining, lagging, and overall nuisanceness. Some bloggers give you a look at life with children with rose-colored glasses. There will be none of that today.

I had just enough time to snap some pictures of cute gift ideas that I bet any of us could make on our own before I dragged my kids back outside. I thought I'd share them with you today:

I am sure you could paint your own wine glasses for much less than $8.00 a pop.

Fun fabric headbands for a little girl:

I can't do jewelry, but I did love the little birdie jewelry tree at this booth:

Cute reusable totes in girlie colors!!

Don't you just love these hand towels?

I could use a pretty luggage tag that is not a paper one from the airlines.

Natalie threw a real fit over these personalized Playtex (!) straw cups, but I refused to buy one from her after the scene she caused.

No-sew fleece blankets!

"Tag Blankies" for babies. Michaela Byrd had one when she was itty bitty and loved it.

This picture frame is to die for gorgeous. Completely fab!

I had about 10 minutes of oohing and aahing with Christy before I couldn't take the whining and fussing from my oldest child. In order to save sanity for all of us, I took my kids outside for an impromptu photo shoot.

But not until after I spilled my Starbucks all over the stroller seat (thank goodness Michaela Byrd wasn't in it!)

The college's alumni building is up on a hill that overlooks the "Olde Towne." The church steeple in the distance has been there since before the Civil War.

The one in pigtails doesn't look like a child who thought she might die if she didn't get out of the sale, does she?

There are more pictures of Michaela Byrd because she is more compliant and seems to like having her picture taken.
Sometimes, she'll just pose randomly and say "cheese!" whether I'm taking her photo or not.

We came across a bunny tea party under the holly tree.

Hope you found some gift ideas today. If I can get my act together, I might try my hand at a few!
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  1. Sorry you had such an abbreviated visit to the craft show. I like your pictures! (Even I can make the no-sew fleece blanket! We did those once for a service project.)

    A few years ago, I saw some really pretty plates that someone had painted (like the wine glasses you saw). She found red charger plates at a discount store, then painted them to use for Christmas cookies.

    I have something for you at my blog:

  2. Okay, so you and I visit craft fairs the same way! I also take pictures of everything in sight, usually making my friends create a distraction :) They just love that.

  3. What fun finds! That frame is fab! I think that is so cute your little one says cheese randomly and poses. that cracked me up!

    Sorry to hear your trip was cut short. Kids always have an agenda of their own.


  4. You know one day (sage old wisdom, cause I am old but not sagey) you will look back and wonder where the days went. They won't be there whining, thankfully, but they will be so busy you have to make an appt. to see them!! :)

    Sorry you had to leave, but that was actually a smart thing to didn't spend any money (well, except for the wasted SB coffee, sigh) and your girls were happier!

  5. Soooo sorry the kids didn't like the show...but what a cutie:) Hope you have a FUN week!


  6. What?! You mean those adorable girls don't cooperate when shopping? Surely not! ;)
    A few weeks ago my 7yr old had quite possibly the biggest tantrum of her life in a fastfood restaurant. I guess it never ends!

  7. Your girls are adorable. Somedays we love 'em, but we really hate how they act! What's a mom to do?

  8. i give you props for even attempting to take your little ones any where there is glass, or pretty things, or people that stare when cherubs pick their noses. not that yours would ever do that. btw, that devil hill is mile 6 in the 1/2. i'll try to remember the pretty view as i'm sucking air ;0)

  9. Amanda...your girls are just the cutest! I wanted to make sure I stopped by and told you how great I think you are! You always make my day with your compliments and bring a smile to my day! I loved your guest post on Centsational are simply fabulous and funny. It is friends like you who make blogging such a great experience...thank you for just being you! Hugs and love friend,


  10. Was that the Bizarre Bazaar by Martha Jefferson Hospital? I've heard that one is really nice

    Sometimes children would rather stay home. Too bad you don't have a baby sitter so you could really enjoy yourself - childless!

  11. Haha! Been there! Just left a Christmas store earlier today becuase my daughter kept insisting loudly that she be allowed to touch every fragile ornament she saw!

    Sometimes I think God made babies cute for a reason;)

    Many thanks for visiting me on my SITS day!


  12. Adventures in Motherhood, right?

    That's awesome that you got all those pictures!

    Around here they watch you like a hawk and you're not allowed to take pictures!

    What did you think of the show tonight?

  13. Great pictures! I was just in a wedding with the reception at that Alumni Center. That backdrop of scenery is so gorgeous! Nice capture.

  14. Some of those things are so cute! I didn't know there was a Christmas shop at MW. Oh & what are tag blankies?


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