Saturday, December 12, 2009

Start Spreading the News...

"Start spreading the news/I'm leavin' today/I want to be a part of it/New York, New York!"

I'm on my way to my annual I {Heart} New York Trip this morning with some friends. Will tell all next week!

On a completely unrelated note, I only received 4 comments (!) on my Open House post, and that was after spending the better part of yesterday morning visiting around a blog party. Y'all is my house really that ugly? (Seriously?)

Show me some love, people!

Have a great Saturday...I'm freezing in NYC right now!

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  1. Have fun in NY!
    I will admit I haven't looked at your post yet; I haven't done much blog hopping at all the last few days. I will go there next.
    But I feel like my comments are down too, and it totally doesn't jive with my daily visits, which are way up :/

  2. I'm so jealous and homesick reading your post! I'll be there next weekend, but not on a true vacation, so live it up for me!

  3. Have a terrific time in New York!

  4. I think comments are down because people are very busy......I've not been able to post a lot nor have I gotten a LOT of comments's taken a few days. sorry I missed your blog...been so, so busy!!

    Have SO MUCh fun in NYC!!!

  5. Hey, Amanda, good eye! Yep, that is Pfaltzgraff Filigree I have. Found that set at a yardsale (I know you are NOT surprised) and then added another 4 pc. set from Ebay. I've been really happy with it.


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